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Modern humankind often marvels at patterns in crops that magically appear in the middle of the night. Imagine discovering an ancient drawing in the landscape in the Atacama Desert. The Atacama Giant is the largest prehistoric anthropomorphic geoglyph in the world. It is 119 metres (390 feet) tall. It is one of almost 5,000 smaller geoglyphs that surround it. The artwork was carved into the ground by digging in the soil or putting stones and rocks into patterns.

The drawing represents a weather God and was used by the local inhabitants who created it to predict the weather from 1000 to 1400 AD. It was also used to calculate the lunar and crop cycles. The Incan tribe who created could determine when the rainy season would start in the desert, by the position of the moon to the top and side of its head.


Must See

  • Sunrise At El Tatio Geysers
  • The Valley Of The Moon – El Valle De La Luna
  • Take A Tour Of Atacama Salt Flats and Chaxa Lagoon
  • Visit Miscanti and Miñiques Lagoons
  • Spend Time In San Pedro De Atacama
  • Giant Geoglyph

How to reach

You can either take a bus, car or taxi. The best and easiest way would be taking a bus.

 The following transit lines have routes that pass near Giant - Bus: 10, 3, 8.


  • Before you plan your trip to Atacama Giant make sure you are well organized as spending a day here won't be enough. 
  • You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, so make sure to pack some sunscreen to avoid getting way too tanned. 
  • Please plan your trip well and don't mix it with other attractions. 
  • Decide whether you will go for shopping or just to experience the beauty.  
  • You might want to get a tour guide because there are so many places to cover that you will get confused and end up mixing everything
  • And lastly, do watch the starry sky at night its not something you can miss. 
  • Stay well hydrated. 

Visit Time

Sunday:            Open 24 hours.
Monday:           Open 24 hours.
Tuesday:          Open 24 hours.
Wednesday:     Open 24 hours.
Thursday:         Open 24 hours.
Friday:              Open 24 hours.
Saturday:          Open 24 hours.

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