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One of the most breathtaking sites in the world, Reservoir the Plaster is locally known as Embalse El Yeso. Essentially a dam, it was built in the year 1964 and is now a favorite amongst tourists. The turquoise water enclosed by the giant mountains, reflecting their image creates a surreal image for the visitors. You can take the trip on your own, renting a car, or taking a bus, or you can book a tour that would include a few other sites in the vicinity. It is the perfect place for nature lovers and allows you to camp on the site as well. It is also a good spot for indulging in fishing or to go windsurfing!

But layer up! Since the site is at an altitude, temperatures can dip to sub-zero. It is a great spot for a relaxed picnic which you can enjoy while taking in the amazing scenery. Take along some Chilean wine and some snacks and get ready for a wonderful experience! The site will make you appreciate the glory of nature like none other. The mountains, the waters, the fresh air make this place unique and imparts it a dream-like aura. Imagine seeing the world for the first time, untouched, fresh and natural – perhaps the way it was seen by explorers a long time ago, intact and in all its glory, even today. Words certainly do not do justice to the majestic beauty of this place. You have to visit to experience it first hand. And while it sees a number of visitors each year, the site is still not overcrowded. You can enjoy it in peace – the way it ought to be enjoyed.  We assure you, you will not regret visiting.  A definite recommendation!

Must See

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How to reach

There are 2 ways to reach the site from Santiago (covering a distance of approximately 96 km):

A bus ride, taking about 3.5 hours, will cost about $ 88

A taxi ride, taking a little more than 2 hours, will cost $ 120 to $ 150


  • If you are driving, you need to be very careful because of the condition of the roads leading up to the site
  • Carry/wear warm clothing
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Stay hydrated! Carry a water bottle along
  • Packing some food for the trip is also advisable
  • It is essential you have a 4-wheeler drive, considering the conditions of the road if you are planning to drive to the site

Visit Time

Sunday:           Open 24 hours

Monday:           Open 24 hours

Tuesday:          Open 24 hours

Wednesday:     Open 24 hours

Thursday:         Open 24 hours

Friday:              Open 24 hours

Saturday:          Open 24 hours

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Time you can spend

Few hours to an entire day


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Clear Sky 14.48°C


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