About Dafen Oil Painting Village

The Village of artists specialized in the making of large numbers of replicas of oil paintings by masters such as Van Gogh, Dalí, Da Vinci, Rembrandt or Warhol. A must visit for art lovers. The artworks are all of the highest quality made by more than 60 skilled artists and sold at competitive prices. Besides oil paintings, you can also get watercolor paintings, charcoal paintings, pencil sketches, ink paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, wood or PU outer frames, artist materials and anything at all to do with art. In keeping with the customer influx and demand, they also have an online portal that carefully packs and ships the products even overseas. Thus this humble art enterprise built on the principles of quality, service, and creation is really carving a niche for itself in the art scene of Shenzen as also of the world.

Must See

  • Art Work.
  •  Paintings.
  •  Sketches.



How to reach

Reach the Shenzhen Metro Line 3 or Longgang Line, then get off at Dafen Stop and then go out from Exit A1.


  • Book in advance to avoid disappointments.
  • Decide wisely, as some works may be overpriced for the paintings that are shown cheap on online websites.
  • One of the popular day-trips from Shenzen, do visit this village dedicated to painting. Get either a portrait or a freshly-painted Van Gogh or Rembrandt.
  •  If you don't want to spend lots take something in modern art.
  • Get to see and experience the different styles and forms of art first-hand.
  •  Lots of walking, so wear sensible footwear.
  •  With a little bit of a bargain, you will find someone willing to accommodate you for a price.
  • Though a small hamlet there are hordes of things to do, see, and discover so take your time.

Visit Time

Sunday:          Open 24 Hrs

Monday:         Open 24 Hrs

Tuesday:        Open 24 Hrs

Wednesday:   Open 24 Hrs

Thursday:       Open 24 Hrs

Friday:            Open 24 Hrs

Saturday:        Open 24 Hrs


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Time you can spend

3 to 4 hours


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Broken Clouds 30.17°C


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