About Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

The protected area or the reserved area as declared by the UNESCO as UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most popular destination for visitors coming from the globe. The most significant feature of this reserved area is that it has many flora and fauna and you will find them with different species. The clouds over the mountain let you take a camera on and click. The mountains are sometimes hidden behind the clouds. One will be ready to see wild animals and chimpanzee there in the protected area. There are green grasses and it is over 5000 acres land alone in Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve. This is a home to unusual animals. There are many florae are found and even rarest species are too found.

Must See

  • Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, one of the amazing place to do something cool. It is a wonder of nature where nature has flourished the blessings to this land.
  • The reserve is a protected area and UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Mountain ridges are very interesting to watch, there are cloud forests and when you visualize it you find that cloud have shaded the forests, it appears as if cloud touches the forest, Incredible wildlife that one will witness here, after all your meet with the Chimpanzee is something more interesting and fascinating.
  • A huge mountain is there with the green grass on it, there are different species of animals and birds so found, wild animals like Cheetah (Leopard), lion and fox are there in a reserved area.

How to reach

By bus no.6, one will reach to Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve. From the terminal airport reach the airport to the city center and city center to Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

By taxi, it will cover 11.8 km from Abidjan to Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve.


  • Spend day and night there in the reserved area
  • Do hire a taxi for at least five to six hours if really want to enjoy the wonder of nature
  • Take a camera with you to capture the day and night moment
  • Be prepared to have a camp settled there
  • If you have own car or bought a rental car, then it is good to make long time stay
  • There is a cloud forest to watch
  • During the winter season, it has its own enjoyment
  • Bring a map with you here
  • Have a pleasant stay over here 
  • Bring map with you for your safe journey

Visit Time

Sunday: Open 24 hours

Monday: Open 24 hours

Tuesday: Open 24 hours

Wednesday: Open 24 hours

Thursday: Open 24 hours

Friday: Open 24 hours

Saturday: Open 24 hours

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Waiting Time

15 minutes wait to follow the security


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Entrance Fee


Yes pass is made of 50,000 CFA

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Scattered Clouds 17.32°C


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