About Pembe Za Ndovu

  “Pembe Za Ndovu”- a Swahili word meaning elephant ivory. Also  Known as Mombasa Tusks, this is located close to Uhuru gardens on the Moi Avenue. The tusks that form the letter M representing Mombasa is the iconic landmark of the city.  The tusks resemble the elephant ivory. These were built in 1952 to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth to the city.  In fact, the first set of tusks were built just down the road from where the current ones stand and were made from wood and canvas and were only meant to be temporary. Although the exact details of the first tusks are not well documented. The second and current set of tusks were built after the visit of Princess Margaret in 1956. The new tusks were built from aluminum and were built to last. The new tusks still stand today more than 50 years later and have become an important tourist attraction within the city and mark the entrance to the commercial area. A visit to Mombasa is incomplete without a visit to this structure. This place is the defining landmark to Mombasa. A historical monument depicting the entrance to the city of Mombasa from the Port ... as originally a lot of visitors visited this port city via ships. Shops on one side of the road with the Uhuru garden on the other side indeed a landmark of the city The Mombasa Tusks are probably one of the most known monuments due to their great exposure on post-cards and pictures all over the world. 

Must See

  • Though made of metal it's a sight to behold. Note that the tusks form an “M” for Mombasa. 
  • The artwork is really awesome.it makes Mombasa look very nice.
  • The huge tasks provide a very nice background for photography for photo lovers
  •  You can walk up and down the street and take pictures from every angle or just sit in the nearby park and enjoy the busy atmosphere
  • The pedestrian walkways and flower gardens giving the landmark afresh look.

How to reach

      By Taxi:-

  • Via Links road, it takes 30 minutes and the distance is 11.7 k.m.
  • via Malindi Rd/B8, it takes 35 min (9.8 km).
  • Other modes are tuk-tuks, minivans.  A matatu ride starts from Ksh 20 just to go 500m 
  •  The price for a tuk-tuk ride is Ksh 50-100 and boda-boda around Ksh 50.




  • This is located close to Uhuru gardens and is the defining landmark of the city.
  • Do remember to get your pictures clicked. 
  • Cities public transportation system does not have a central governing body or a website. 
  • Take guidance from locals or hotel staff.
  • Explore the unique designed structure.
  • It is centrally located, many good places nearby.
  • During the month of Ramadhan and Christmas, the night view with all the street decor and lights is awesome
  •  Do carry a good camera and photographer for the best shot under these tusks
  •  As you take your photo please watch the traffic on the busy road.


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