About Shree Parshva Vallabh Jain Temple

This is a spectacular oldest Jain temple outside India  This temple boasts of being the first of its kind to be constructed outside of the Asian continent. Built in the traditional style in white marble, the temple is located in the middle of the hustle bustle of the narrow streets of the old town but once you enter the temple. you come across the serene and quite structure which is splendid.  A holy place for all devotees and followers of Jainism. the first Digamber Jain Mandir outside India was opened in the presence of Pujya Kanji Swami   Built in1963 this spectacular temple is adorned from floor to ceiling with sculptures and figurines. The artwork on the walls is amazing. Watch the exquisitely decorated white marble structure adorned with statues, gold spires, silver doors and plenty of other features that compels time and attention.  Pay your respects to the pratimajis of Shantinath, Neminath, Parasvanath, Mahavir Swami, Simandhar swami, and a bhavi Tirthankar. This Temple has a social gathering area for all the followers of Jainism.   Classes and a children’s pathshala have also been running for many years. Visit the temple to enjoy the beauty of Indian temple architecture and for the truly spiritual experience. 

Must See

  • Beautifully designed building.
  • Multicultural environment.
  • A Jin Mandir and Swadhyay hall
  • Daily abhishek and pooja in the mandir.
  • Daily lectures based on recordings of Pujya Kanji Swami’s discourses and from a resident vanchankar
  •  Twice a year, the temple Mandal invites pandits from India regularly particularly during the time of Paryushan.
  • . A very comprehensive Jain library holding vast literature including children’s books.

How to reach

Either by taxi or through Tuk Tuk or Matatu. Located in the heart of the city. easily accessible. 

15 min (8.7 km) via Malindi Rd/B8 by taxi

1 h 47 min (8.6 km) via Malindi Rd/B8  by walking.

Tuk-Tuk has been the most popular form of short travel within Mombasa. You can also hire a Tuck Tuck for 50 kes from one place to the other within the central Business district.   Expect to pay about Kes 100 to go further.  Be sure to confirm with the driver before starting the trip what he will charge you.

When you hire a small car the prices start around the US $40 for self-drive.  It's advisable to hire a driver, which will cost you around the US $15 per day




  • Photography prohibited areas.
  • Multi cultural enviornment is a great experience.
  • White walls and carving are beautifully done.
  • Keep it clean, this place very particular about it.
  • Maintain silence as in any religious places.
  • Dedicated parking place is allotted for disabled visitors.
  • Some Local shops are also associated with Jain Temple which could be very handy while buying souvenirs. 
  • . Renting a car is not recommended-- the roads are treacherous and so is the driving.
  • Expect to get bumped around--it is all part of Kenya, so enjoy it.
  •  Do not expect an up-to-date car  - you will be disappointed.  Haggle with them over the price, and you can get some good deals, especially if you stick with the same driver and they are most reliable to turn up to pick you up 

Visit Time

opens from 9.00 a.m. onwards.

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1 hour


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