About Essaouira

Essaouira (formerly known as Mogador) is a port city in the vibrant country of Morocco. Essaouira is a city mainly consisting of beaches and a Medina, an inner walled city, which gives it a very pleasant and laid-back feel. The city itself is famous as the 'Windy City' because of the large amount of seaside wind it gets from being a port. Besides being one of the most beautiful cities of Morocco, it also serves as the main poirt of the country, whcih makes it lively year-round. To see the full extent of the liveliness of the city, You must visit Essaouira when it celebrates the world music festival. The festival serves as the crown jewel of the city's love for music and its incredible music scene. The beauty of the city is not lost on the world as the city was deemed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The picturesque scenery of the beaches and the city itself makes it a paradise for artists, and the welcoming nature of the populace, the vibrancy of the city and the relaxing atmosphere makes it a much desirable city for everyone out there. Essaouira is a cool step away from the fast-paced life and presents the perfect place to relax and take in nature with its windy embrace.

Public Transport System

Petit taxi, Grande taxi

Cleanliness and Efficiency

Petit Taxi- cleanliness: medium, Efficiency-high. Grande taxi- cleanliness: low, Efficiency: high.

Mode & Cost of Transports

Taxis cost on an average 7-8MAD as a base fare or for short distances. The prices are usually haggled beofre sitting in the taxi.



Basic Items & Cost

Name Price
Water Bottle MAD 4.00
Cup of Coffee MAD 12.00
Milk Carton Pack MAD 8.00
Rice/Kg MAD 56.00
White Bread MAD 5.00
Eggs (12) MAD 12.00
Combo Meal MAD 51.00
Fine Dining MAD 280.00
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi MAD 6.00
Domestic Beer MAD 20.00
Imported Beer MAD 56.00
Bottle of Wine MAD 40.00
Cigarettes (20 Pack) MAD 33.00
Taxi ( 1 km ) MAD 6.00
Ticket in local transport (Single way). MAD 16.00
Rent ( One Bed Room) MAD 972.00


  • You can buy items in any of the bazars without haggling as many of the stores have fixed prices or insignificant haggling.
  • You can enjoy watersports as the city enjoys strong winds throughout the year.
  • You shoud eat at the local cafes as they serve the same food as hotels for a fraction of the price
  • You should negotiate costs before availing taxi services as you can be overcharged.
  • You should be careful in crowded busses as pickpocketting is common in them
  • You can walk around the city to explore as its considered safe for travellers.
  • You should not expect everyone to understand English as it is still an up and coming language over there. Its wothwhile to check out the local spoken langauge(arabic) before visiting
  • You should be respectful of the religion and culture followed there. It is a predominantly Islamic region so you should avoid dressing in revealing clothes as a female.
  • You should familiarise yourself with the Medina before deciding to walk around to explore, as it is a planned city but still confusing to navigate on your own.



  • You should avoid swimming in the open sea as the Trade Winds make it unsuitable for swimming unless you are very experienced.
  • You should not expect to find ease of acess of food during visits in Ramadan time as the city has most eateries closed during the day in accordance to Ramadan.
  • You should avoid travelling on foot at night, especially alone as it is deemed unsafe due to robberies.
  • You should not expect medicine to be easily available as the medical supllies are very low in the city, it is advisable to carry your own medicines.
  • You should not drink in public except in places that exclusively serve alcohol as public drinking is deemed disrespectful to the Islamic culture.
  • You should avoid any touts claiming to take you on a free tour, its is never free and they are usually scams.
  • You shoud avoid the tourist seasons if you cannot function with a crowd as the city gets overcrowded during the time.
  • You should avoid medical services in the city as it is very subpar and often even administered by untrained people. If possible travel to another nearby city, or make sure the person attending to you is trained and you know what is happening to you.
  • You should avoid entering mosques as a non-muslim, even if no one is physically stopping you. It is disrespectful of the culture around there.

Night Life

The nightlife in Essaouira is quite limited due to the avoidance of alcohol. There are bars and establishments that serve alcohol but they do not extend into the night as most other cities. You can enjoy inexpensive beers and appetizers along the beach watching the calming waves and in company of friendly locals or like-minded tourists and is a nice place to strike up a conversation. Many bars and clubs will have live music as part of the city's love for music, and you will get cocktails to go with it as well, so it would pay to follow major live music gigs in the city around your time of visit.  Basically, if big and loud discos are your definition of a fun night then Essaouira only has a select few places for you. If relaxing nights with a beautiful scene and live music to partner up with your drinks is for you then Essaouira has no shortage in choices. So, When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Must See

While visiting Essaouira there are some things you absolutely must do. These things you just cannot miss as they define Essaouira as a city different from any other.

  • Ramparts- The Ramparts are large, historic defence walls that give the city a much more grandoise feel. The Ramparts are of historical significance and provide a good chance to learn more about the city's history as a whole.
  • Argan Oil cooperatives- Visit the Argan Oil cooperatives to see women hard at work to extract argan oil from the kernels using ancient tools and time-tested methods. Its a treat to see and experience firsthand, the production of an important resource in Morocco as a whole.
  • Beach- One of the highligts of the place is the beach that is famous for its year round winds. The beach is not ideal for taning but it is a treat to see so many water sports taking place around you and participating in them.
  • Port- Being the main port of Morocco, The port in Essaouira is busy and a sight to behold. The port is full of blue coloured boats which provide for a stunning visual, and the port is full of freshly caught seafood which are even available to eat, right after being grilled in front of you.


There are many activities you can do while spendning time at Essaouira. 

  • Water sports- Due to the high winds on the beachs year round, Essaouira beaches are a hotspot for water sports. There are a number of different water sports available to experience, Most notably Kitesurfing.
  • Woodworking- Essaouira is also noted for its woodwork. Lots of vendors will sell their products and offer live demonstrations in the markets as well. You can take part in these to experience the woodwork famous all over Morocco.
  • Learn to Cook- Essaouira has a lot of local dishes that is famous and there a host of cooking classes that will teach you how to cook them. It is a very rewarding activity that lets you take a piece of the culture bakck home.
  •  Horse Riding- With an expansive beach acting as a stage for the water sports, the beach also offers horse riding. There are all sorts of bookings to be made, with newcomers and experienced riders both welcome.



Raffia Craft
Handicrafts and Souviners
82 Rue d'Agadir, Essaouira, Morocco
Distance From City Center
1.1 kms
Basma Boutiques
Handicrafts and Souviners
20 Rue Skala, Essaouira, Morocco
Distance From City Center
1.6 kms
Mashi Mushki
Handicrafts and Souviners
91 Rue Chbanat, Essaouira, Morocco
Distance From City Center
0.7 kms
Gallery Kasbah
Handicrafts and Souviners
4 Rue Tetouan, Essaouira 44000, Morocco
Distance From City Center
Centre de la Bijouterie Artisanale Maalem Ali
Shopping Malls
N 3 Complexe Bin Al Aswar, Morocco
Distance From City Center
Galerie l'Arbre Bleue
Handicrafts and Souviners
233 Cbanat, Rue Chbanat, Essaouira, Morocco
Distance From City Center
Zidrop Argan Oil
Handicrafts and Souviners
9 Rue Ghazouat Bader Quartier Industriel Essaouira، Essaouira 44000, Morocco
Distance From City Center
Ensemble Artisanal
Flea Markets and Bazaars
Place Bab Marrakech, Essaouira, Morocco
Distance From City Center
Gipsy Surfer Surf Shop
Handicrafts and Souviners
1-3، Rue Tetouan, الصويرة 44100, Morocco
Distance From City Center
Boheme Of Morocco - The Shop
Handicrafts and Souviners
BP423 Place Al Khaima, Heb، Essaouira 44000, Morocco
Distance From City Center

There are many Souvenirs to be found and bought in Essaouira.

  • Argan- Made only in Morocco, Essaouira is one of the best places to buy it. It comes in different varieties, so you should tae note of what exactly you want.
  • Musical Instruments- As part of the love for music it is no surprise that Essaouira is one of the best places to buy many different kinds of instruments.
  • Wooden Items- Essaouira is aslo famous for its woodwork and they make excellent souvenirs to take home.
  • Carpets
  • Art- You willl find a variety of artists in the city and around it so its only natural you get to buy varied art for good prices.
  • Lanterns
  • Berber Baskets
  • Spices
  • Raffia Craft- A specialty found in Essaouira, the craft done here is directly transported to Europe to be sold. Getting them here would warrant a much less price.
  • Rugs- Moroccan rugs are very famous and can be bought all over the country with slight modifications.
  • Ceramics
  • jewellery

Official Language

Arabic, Tamazight

Other Language

French, English

Spoken Language

Moroccan Arabic is a specific ... Read more


Moroccan Dirham (MAD)


0.07 (Millions)

Weather Icon


Clear Sky 32.73°C

Clock Icon


15:45 PM (GMT +01:00)


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Electric socket

Type C
Type C ( 220 V 50 Hz)
Type E
Type E ( 230 V 50 Hz)
Airplane Icon

Airport Name / IATA Code

Essaouira-Mogador Airport - ESU

Best time to visit

June,July,September,November,DecemberJune is one of the best months to visit as it sits in the heart of the tourism high as well as being on the sunny side of the year.July begins with one of the biggest tourist turnout and is the warmest in the year. July is famous for the festival week which makes it the busiest all year roundSeptember is when prices start to fall and the weather remains dry. the early fall weather is dry and the crowds are dispersed.November is the cheapest time to visit the city. the prices are at an all year low and rains are just starting.December is the other busiest time of the year due to another annual festival drawing crowds from all over. the prices are high and the weather is rainy.

Moderate time to visit

February,March,OctoberFebruary is a month which is good to visit in due to the colder weather and light rainfall.March is a month when the weather starts to warm up and the rains are a little lighter. It also boasts being one of the lowest cost inducing months.October is the month during which the monsoon really picks up and the rains increase. it is not as wet as November but preceding it,thus being wet.

Worst time to visit

January,April,May,AugustJanuary is quite needlessly expensive as it follows the price hike of December and does not provide much for tourists to do. it also has a low temperature and rainy weather.April again factors in rise of prices without sufficient events to back it up. the weather is receding monsoon, so rain is also unpredictable.May sees a rise in both temperature and rainfall, making it a humid environment which makes travelling uncomfortable. The city also sees a lull in almost all notable events and gatherings during this time.August is one of the worst months to visit because of the unwarranted second highest price surge of the year and a start to the monsoon season, combining the worst of humidity with a high price for everything.


Start Tariff: MAD 7.00

1 Km. Tariff: MAD 6.00

1 Hour Waiting Tariff: MAD 40.00

Available service

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Monthly Average Temperature & Rainfall

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