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This happens to be the oldest walled part of Fez, Morocco. Founded as the Capital of the Idris dynasty between 789 and 808 AD. Comprised of innumerous narrow alleyways in this largest surviving ancient medieval city, it is believed to be the world's largest urban pedestrian/car-free zone. The narrow streets are choco-bloc with shops, stalls, mosques, madrasas, and roadside vendors selling dates, spices and fresh cuts of meat. One of its distinctive points is 'The Blue Gate.' These labyrinth alleys open out into towering wooden carved structures encompassing tanneries, prayer halls, and homestays. Once you come out of these serpentine streets, you are once again accosted by cars, buses, and fast food joints, in essence, the modern world.

Must See

  • It was founded in the 9th Century, and this place has been declared as the best UNESCO world heritage site.
  • This is a home to many architectural buildings, stalls, shops, tanneries, madrasas, mosques, home stays, all contained in these alleyways.
  • In this place, the last big growth was in the early 13th Century.
  • This place is of immense historical importance for the people residing here and for people all around the world.

How to reach

  • By taxi, it will cover 8.6 km in 9 minutes.
  • By walking the distance will be covered in 200 minutes.


  • Must see many historical places in the medina of Fes.
  • This place is of historical importance to visit the monument and palaces.
  • Must have a camera with you to explore the city.
  • Must have a guide with you to give guidance to you.
  • Be willing to see the different artists work there.

Visit Time

Sunday: Open 24 hours

Monday:Open 24 hours

Tuesday:Open 24 hours

Wednesday:Open 24 hours

Thursday:Open 24 hours

Friday:Open 24 hours

Saturday: Open 24 hours

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Waiting Time

15 minutes wait because the public arrive here with localites


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Time you can spend

5 hours


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Broken Clouds 15.71°C


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