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Artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses best describes Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam. In 2012, Economist Intelligence Unit, ranked it the second best city in the world to live in. It is not only the cultural capital but also the commercial capital of Netherlands and is considered an alpha world city by the Globalization and World Cities study group. Leading technology companies like Uber, Netflix and Tesla are based in Amsterdam or established their European headquarters in the city. The buildings here resonate with captivating legends and history, so more than 5 million international visitors annually visit this place, for the main attractions and also for its nightlife and festival activity. 

Public Transport System

Amsterdam city transport is operated by GVB company. You can get a single-day or multi-day tickets from GVB vending machines or directly from the driver.The day ticket is valid for 24 hours after you first check in.Note: These tickets are only valid in GVB metros, trams, and buses. Thus, these are not valid in the regional buses of Connexxion and EBS or on the train.Uber is becoming popular in Amsterdam.

Cleanliness and Efficiency

Cleanliness: High, Efficiency: High

Mode & Cost of Transports

GVB prices in 2018 are:

Ticket valid for Price

1 hour € 3,00

1 day – 24 hours € 7,50

2 days – 48 hours € 12,00

3 days – 72 hours € 17,50

4 days – 96 hours € 22,50

5 days – 120 hours € 27,50

6 days – 144 hours € 21,50

7 days – 168 hours € 34,50​

Children up to 4 y.o. travel for free. A ticket for children aged 4-11 costs € 3,75 per day.

Drivers do not accept cash for the tickets. You can only pay by credit card or contactless.

Basic Items & Cost

Name Price
Water Bottle EUR 3.00
Cup of Coffee EUR 4.00
Milk Carton Pack EUR 1.00
Rice/Kg EUR 2.00
White Bread EUR 1.00
Eggs (12) EUR 3.00
Combo Meal EUR 8.00
Fine Dining EUR 55.00
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi EUR 2.00
Domestic Beer EUR 4.00
Imported Beer EUR 4.00
Bottle of Wine EUR 7.00
Cigarettes (20 Pack) EUR 7.00
Taxi ( 1 km ) EUR 2.00
Ticket in local transport (Single way). EUR 3.00
Rent ( One Bed Room) EUR 1500.00
  • Rent a bike to see Amsterdam like a local.
  • Try the local beer.
  • Explore areas other than tourist areas.
  • Be respectful of others and Dutch culture.
  • Try Indonesian and Surinamese food.
  • Take lots of lovely photos near the canals.
  • Bring your umbrella/rain coat. It may rain.
  • Use the excellent public transit.
  • Do not pay for groceries with your credit card, many of the cards do not match the system here.
  • Be careful on the streets at night time.
  • Buy, ’I Am Amsterdam,’ card. It is very helpful.
  • Do not miss the canal tour.
  • The soft drugs are available in coffeeshops for people who are over 18.
  • Do not buy or have drugs on the streets, it is illegal.
  • Don’t walk on the bike lanes, it is annoying to bikers and dangerous to you.
  • Do not limit yourself to tourist areas, you will miss out on other places.
  • Don’t smoke weed on a public sidewalk.
  • Do not insult anyone in public, everyone knows English.
  • Don’t eat only the tourist food, try the local ones.
  • Don’t forget how dangerous the canals are.
  • Do not rent a car, when you can walk.
  • Don’t forget to dress for the weather.
  • Do not look beyond 1 hour for weather report.

Night Life

After the quiet early evening hours, Amsterdam's streets and squares get very busy during night. Prostitution is legal and regulated in Netherlands. One of the largest and best-known Red-light districts in Amsterdam is De Wallen, destination for international sex tourism. Behind the Dam square, is the Red-Light District, always hit by tourists walking in the streets and looking at the windows with girls behind them. Here, you can see small restaurants and cafes that are also full of people. You can meet people and make new friends in these cafes and bars. Amsterdam gives a nightlife ticket, that saves time and money. You get free entrance to Amsterdam clubs, free shots, beers & cocktails, lazertag & bowling, free UBER and much more for a week. 

Must See

  • Visit the World’s Only Floating Flower Market.
  • Climb the Westertoren ( tower in central Amsterdam)
  • Go bungee jumping over the IJ at the Faralda Crane Hotel
  • Participate in a Friday Night Skate
  • Go over the edge in "Europe's Highest Swing"
  • Eat pancakes in a train converted into a restaurant. “pancake house”is located in Marrum.
  • Sleep in a windmill in Amsterdam or a castle
  • One Airbnb rented out his mill that is situated by a canal in the East side of the city. if you prefer castles, there is a list of castles turned into hotels or B&B.
  • Climb on the highest wall in Europe – Excalibur Wall In the absence of tall mountains, the Dutch have built the highest climbing wall in the world. It is 45 m high and curved! 
  • See the GLOW Lights Festival in Eindhoven (LED). It is a festival of lights. When Philips invented the first light bulb its factory was in Eindhoven.
  • Visit organic hipsters markets in Amsterdam, the Pure Market, where Coconut balls are made on the spot, vegetarian tortillas or Dutch croquettes with goat cheese can be eaten here. You can see socks made from bamboo fabric!


  • Attend a concert at the Concertgebouw.
  • Bike through the tulip fields around Haarlem in April.
  • Dance in a club past dawn.
  • Watch Sinterklaas' arrival parade.
  • An Amsterdam City Walk.
  • Take a Bike Tour.
  • Cuddle a cat onboard De Poezenboot.
  • Enjoy at ELECTRIC LADYLAND, that is a gallery devoted to fluorescent art.
  • Take a gondola ride through Amsterdam's canals.
  • Rent your own boat and go for a ride.
  • Take the StroomTram from Hoorn (Steam Tram) For those who love antiques, buy tickets and go for an unusual mean of transportation.
  • Sleep inside the highest container, Faralda Crane hotel situated in the North of Amsterdam.


Playa Amsterdam
 Driemondweg 25, 1108 AJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Golfbaan Spaarnwoude
Het Hogeland 2, Velsen-Zuid, Spaarnwoude, 1981 LT Amsterdam, The Netherlands
De Waterlandse Golfclub
Buikslotermeerdijk 141, 1027 AC Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ski-Inn (Top indoor ski baan in Amsterdam.)
Wg-Plein 281, 1054 SE Amsterdam, Netherlands, https://www.ski-inn.nl/
Gérardmer, France (nearest ski resort to Amsterdam)
 498 km from Amsterdam
Golfbaan Sloten
Sloterweg 1045, 1066 CD Amsterdam, Netherlands
Casino City - Ceintuurbaan
286 Ceintuurbaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Netherlands
Amsterdamse Golf Club
Bauduinlaan 35, 1047 HK Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oostoever, 1064 GW Amsterdam, Netherlands
Alpsoluut (Store in Amsterdam, Netherlands) for ski and cycling trips together in the Alps
Emmy Andriessestraat 238, 1087 ML Amsterdam, Netherlands (https://www.alpsoluutamsterdam.nl/)
20 miles west of the city center
De Hoge Dijk
Abcouderstraatweg 46 | Amsterdam ZO, 1105 AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sloterplas Beach
1064 GW Amsterdam, Netherlands


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  • Custom Clogs
  • Bicycle Seat Cover 
  • A bottle of Bols Jenever 
  • Nijntje Knuffel (stuffed animal) 
  • Cowboys Belt 
  • Cheese products 
  • Birthday Calendar 
  • Puccini Chocolate Bonbons
  •  Kissing Couple
  •  Ajax shirt (football club)
  •  A basket of tulip bulbs 
  • Blond Amsterdam Breakfast Set
  •  Pip Studio Bathrobe
  •  Handmade Wallet 
  • Local Dutch Beers
  • Windmills 
  • Anne Frank diary.

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol -  AMS

Best time to visit

March, April, May, September, October, NovemberSpring, from mid March to early May is Tulip season, a nice time to visit, and is the beginning of tourist season. April is an ideal time as you get to see nature with flowers blooming, medium tourist traffic, and a high chance of good weather. Avoid visiting during the Queen's Day weekend. September to November is also a good time to visit as there are fewer crowds and relatively mild weather, a pleasant season for travel. You might be able to get economical hotel prices, but be prepared for cold weather and some rain. Pack warm clothes and an umbrella.

Moderate time to visit

June, July, August Summer is the peak season and tourists across the globe gather here during June, July, and August. Be prepared to wait in long queues for the top attractions.

Worst time to visit

December, January, FebruaryIn spite of getting a good deal on airfare and accommodation, better to avoid travelling here in the months from December to March as short, dark, and nearly freezing days make winter in Amsterdam pretty unpleasant. If you do visit during that period, don't forget a warm coat – and maybe a pair of thermal underwear or two and an umbrella.


Start Tariff: EUR 4.95

1 Km. Tariff: EUR 2.40

1 Hour Waiting Tariff: EUR 40.00

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