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Wrapped in the snow-capped mountains of the majestic Alps, the captivating Christchurch enthralls one and all with its picturesque beauty, Stretching its beauty from the mighty Pacific ocean across the splendid Canterbury plains to the majestic Southern Alps, this 'Garden City' is abound with spectacular treasure dove. Christchurch is renowned for its rich cultural sites like Cardboard Cathedral, and the iconic Canterbury museum. It's unmatchable beautiful landscapes coupled with unexplored nature parks and wildlife reserve are a great feast to eyes, especially to the photographer types.  Experience the natural treasures of marine life through the magical Kaikoura. All these gems of tourism have rightly made Christchurch the gateway of tourism in New Zealand. Christchurch also holds the distinction of being one of the five ‘Antarctic Gateway City's’ in the world, as a sizzling vibrant city bursting with energetic nightlife, art, exhibitions, and theatre. Local markets and shopping arcade will certainly leave you in awe. Canterbury vineyard, Halal food, Christchurch caffeine culture, and Christchurch desserts are something really to die for.  With exhilarating adrenalin adventure, a rich tapestry of flora and fauna, divine spa's, fine wine and dine....Christchurch has all the ingredients for a luxurious getaway.

Public Transport System

Buses, taxis, tramway, harbor rides, airport transfers.

Cleanliness and Efficiency

cleanliness- high , efficiency- high , cost - low..

Mode & Cost of Transports

One can buy a metro card for transport in buses. It is 10 NSD.

Basic Items & Cost

Name Price
Water Bottle NZD 1.00
Cup of Coffee NZD 4.00
Milk Carton Pack NZD 2.00
Rice/Kg NZD 3.00
White Bread NZD 2.00
Eggs (12) NZD 5.00
Combo Meal NZD 12.00
Fine Dining NZD 8.00
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi NZD 3.00
Domestic Beer NZD 4.00
Imported Beer NZD 6.00
Bottle of Wine NZD 15.00
Cigarettes (20 Pack) NZD 27.00
Taxi ( 1 km ) NZD 3.00
Ticket in local transport (Single way). NZD 3.00
Rent ( One Bed Room) NZD 1310.00


  • If you are driving a car in this city, do let people cross the road when you are driving slow. People often cross the road this way here. 
  • Take good hiking boots. You need them to navigate the terrain.
  • Do carry a travel adapter, it will make it easy to use the electronics you carry.
  • Do try to communicate with the locals for best eating and sightseeing options.
  • Show respect for the people and their lifestyle.


  • Don't forget to take your travel Insurance with you, it may be handy in a new place.
  • Don't forget to take any proof of identity wherever you go.
  • Don't stop on the roadside to take photos even for beautiful views, because there are high risk of accidents.
  • Don't take just any car on mountain passes, since some roads require snow chains. 

Night Life

Being the third largest city in New Zealand, Christchurch is also known for its wonderful and vibrant nightlife. There are a lot of fabulous nightlife activities like clubs, shows, art cinemas, comedy, bars, murder mystery dinners, and restaurants. There is definitely some interesting activity for everyone. You can watch musicals, ballets, comedy shows and many other shows in The Isaac Theatre Royal, which was established in 1863. If you love dancing at night, want to meet locals there or would love to have a drink with your buddies, visit St Asaph Street. It has lots of bars and pubs. The Christchurch tram restaurant offers you a romantic dinner with sightseeing as well. The food here is very exotic. Do spend some special moments of your life here with all the thrills that this place has to offer.

Must See

  • Christchurch Botanic Gardens are lovely to visit. An English Oak tree was planted here in the marriage ceremony of Denmark Prince Albert and Princess Alexandra.
  • If you love beaches, you can visit Sumner Beach. If you want to try surfing, this is best for beginners.
  • Are you an art lover? then don't miss The Arts Centre te Matatiki Toi Ora.  It has a good collection of neo-Gothic buildings. There are also two museums to see within the art center.
  • Visit Christchurch Adventure Park. This is a nice place for Zip-line and cycling.


  • Go for velocity karts, which can be done by all age groups. This is fun on a small three-wheeler.
  • If you like solving puzzles, go for Escape Artists. You will have 60 minutes to solve the theme of the room using your skills. 
  • Newzealand Ltd is a Clay Shooting & Archery Services. You can also play mini Olympic challenges here. It's a nice activity for gun lovers.
  • Imagination Station is a good play center for kids and adults. But entry here is only by donation.
  • Paint 'n' Sip Studio: You will start with a blank canvas and a local artist will help you in completing a painting while having fun with friends.



No data available
  • The Willowbank Wildlife Reserve Souvenir Shop: Visit this shop if you love to buy lanolin skincare, bone carvings, mother of pearl jewelry, as well as a wide range of merino clothing.
  • If you want to buy pottery or jewelry, you should visit the Canterbury Museum store. They have a great collection here.
  • Simply New Zealand is a great shop if you are looking for a myriad of clothing, knitwear, novelty items, sheepskin rugs, artisan jewelry, beauty products, homewares, and confectionery.
  • Jade necklaces are very popular.
  • If you are a chocolate lover, don't miss out on Whittaker’s Chocolate.
  • Get yourself some merino wool clothing.
  • New Zealand makes tons of beer. Try your favourite flavour.
  • Get some pretty special New Zealand charm jewelry.
  • If you love t-shirts, then a Witty Kiwiana T-Shirt is must in your wardrobe.
  • New Zealand has one of the best wines in the world to taste.
  • Kiwi stuffed toys are a lovely collection for you or your loved ones. 

Official Language

English and Maori

Other Language

Hindi and Mandarin

Spoken Language

English is mostly spoken among... Read more


New Zealand Dollar (NZD)


0.362 (Millions)

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Electric socket

Type I
Type I ( 230 V 50 Hz)
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Airport Name / IATA Code

Christchurch International Airport - CHC

Best time to visit

January, February: This is the time of the country's summer. so there are many summer festivals.

Moderate time to visit

March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December.: These months are when the temperatures are moderate, neither cold or sunny. New Zealand fashion week falls in August, a special attraction. One can Visit stunning botanical gardens during spring.

Worst time to visit

July, August: These are coldest months. The wind is also fierce during this time of the year.


Start Tariff: NZD 3.00

1 Km. Tariff: NZD 3.10

1 Hour Waiting Tariff: NZD 30.00

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