About Black stone

In Kabba the holy stone is on the eastern corner, it is the ancient stone building towards which all Muslims pray. One of the most Important sites in Islam, Built by the Prophets during the emergence of Islam, it symbolizes as a shadow above which lies heaven. The area is always surrounded by people asking for forgiveness and praying to Allah and most people spend most of their time in the mosque near the kabbah. This  Islamic relic very sacred to the Muslim tradition is believed to  date back to the times of Adam and Eve

Must See

  • Holy Stone people touch it and kiss the stone
  •  Dua(prayer)Place
  •  Famous spot.

How to reach

From Mecca city, you need to take taxi, it is 8 Km away and takes 10 minutes to reach via route no 15; if you go there walking you need 1 hr 45 min via route no 15 Ajyad Road. Take Uber taxi it is reasonable.


  • Be prepared to shove your way through throngs of a human body to get close to close to Hajar Aswad.  If you’re not comfortable pushing then forget it you won’t get to kiss the stone.
  • You must touch or kiss Hajar Aswad at least once when you are in Al Haram even though there is too much pushing and shoving to kiss the black stone. 
  • A trick to kissing the black stone is to join the queue 10 - 15 minutes before the Azan for Asar. The people pushing are shooed away and the line moves quickly
  • ZamZam well has been closed since 2003 so no need to hunt for it
  • Bring  sunshades for your eyes - the Haram is all white marble and during the day it is very bright.
  • For the women approach from the side of the Door and indicate to the guard you wish to kiss the stone. Go with a group of women and he will let you in. If you can give, give the guard some water, he stands there in the sun and heat!
  • They do stop tawaf for the prayers. So if you wish to kiss the stone start your tawaf 10 min before the Athaan and keep going until the guards stop you. That way you line up right in front of the Kaaba. Right after the Fard, everyone makes a dash for the stone to kiss it. So be on the lookout.


Visit Time

Sunday:            Open 24 hours.

Monday:           Open 24 hours.

Tuesday:          Open 24 hours.

Wednesday:     Open 24 hours.

Thursday:         Open 24 hours.

Friday:              Open 24 hours.

Saturday:          Open 24 hours.


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Waiting Time

2 hours


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Entrance Fee



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Time you can spend

1 to 2 hours


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Clear Sky 31.75°C


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