About Hira cave

Historically a very sacred and auspicious location, The Hira caves point to that place where the great prophet went into meditation for a very long time and ultimately attained his first Revelations. The caves are believed to be the place where actually the God appeared and are thus visited by the Muslims with equal integrity as given to any mosque or area of prayer. The Hira cave, which are approximately 2 miles from the worshipped Kaaba is a small cave a little less than 4 meter in length and a little more than one and a half meters in width. Hira caves find their existence on the famous Jabal Noor Mountain and it is an arduous journey on foot to reach the top of the mountain to visit the cave, But as it appears Faith lets all mountains melt to moles. 

Must See

  • Trek
  •  Sightseeing
  • Hiking towards the cave
  •  Site of Muhammad first revelations.

How to reach

"From Mecca city, you need to take taxi as it is 11.7 Km away and take 17 minutes to reach via King Farhad Road; if you go there by bus it will take 30 min by 20.40 SAR. Take Uber Taxi its reasonable. After reaching the base of the mountain climb up by hiking.


  •          Carry some water, and loose change to give as alms on the way.
  •          The climb up to the cave is not a joke nor is the descent back. It’s a challenge.
  •          Entrance to the cave is well hidden, and its quite a challenge to get into it.
  •          Best time to go in the evening after Maghrib.
  •          Cave itself has a capacity of one person.
  •          Bring a torch and walking shoes, avoid flip-flop.
  •          There are many people asking for money at the top.
  •          Though it is difficult to reach,  it is a must go location, it is  a 45-minute trek.

Visit Time


Sunday:            Open 24 hours.

Monday:           Open 24 hours.

Tuesday:          Open 24 hours.

Wednesday:     Open 24 hours.

Thursday:         Open 24 hours.

Friday:              Open 24 hours.

Saturday:          Open 24 hours.


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Waiting Time

1 hour


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Entrance Fee



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Time you can spend

2 to 4 hours


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Few Clouds 23.97°C


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