About Safa and Marwa

 Two small hills located in the great mosque of Mecca Saudi Arabia named the Masjid al-Haram are the Safa and Marwa. Safa and Marwa play a very important role in the spiritual practice of the regular praying, Muslims travel back and forth between Safa to Marwa,  7 times as part of the ritual of Umrah and Hajj as to gain solace. Starting from Safa and following a gallery to Marwa is a complete journey of prayer. This prayer to be done before one can take off the Ihram. The site unveils numerous stories of spiritual miracles strengthening the trust in the lord.  There are plenty of ZamZam stations in between these 2 hills. The Safa and Marwa are the scared points for every Muslim to worship and bow their head in grace for he almighty.

Must See

  • Pilgrimage route between 2 hills
  •  Men Have to compulsory run between two hills
  •   7 rounds of prayer.

How to reach

From Mecca city, you need to take taxi as it is 8 Km away and takes 11 minutes to reach via route no 15; if you go there walking you will need 1 hr 30 min via Ajyad Road. Take Uber taxi it is reasonable.


  • Go directly to 1st or 2nd-floor as it is not much crowded.
  • You get water on side of the pathway.
  • Ladies are allowed into the arraudah section of the prophet’s mosque in the morning and night for an hour or so. 
  • The place is less crowded at night.
  • Wear appropriate clothing to suit the decorum of the place.
  • Photography is not allowed inside.


Visit Time

Monday:           Open 24 hours.
Tuesday:          Open 24 hours.
Wednesday:     Open 24 hours.
Thursday:         Open 24 hours.
Friday:              Open 24 hours.
Saturday:          Open 24 hours.
Sunday:            Open 24 hours.


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Waiting Time

15 min


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Entrance Fee



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Time you can spend

2 to 4 hours


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Clear Sky 26.63°C


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