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A small country full of the larger-than-life, Singapore is one of those perfect holiday destinations in Asia. It allows you to explore street culture as well as revel in the high-end life, all in the span of a day. The country has rich geographical and cultural diversity, with mountains, the sea, and the rainforest. The climate also is well-suited to tourists as the days begin warm and are peppered with the occasional showers and the place cools down as the night comes around.

Whether you are into socializing, exploring the food culture, shopping or just soaking into nature, this is the place for you. There are street markets, museums, luxury resorts and amusement parks, all at a stone's throw from each other. While it is an expensive city to live in, some smart planning will provide a lot more value for your buck. Sit back and watch the cultural song, dance and storytelling performances. Or, try the famous cocktail Singapore Sling at the many bars on the sandy beaches. You can also walk through the night markets and eat the internationally well-known Singaporean Chilli Crab. Shop through the retailers' paradise in Orchard Street and haggle to your heart's content at the smaller street markets. You can even attempt bungee jumping, luge, and roller coaster at the Sentosa resorts. What's more, a day of star-struck awe awaits you at the Universal Studios in Singapore as well. Those of you who have read the book or have watched the film "Crazy Rich Asians" will find so much joy in going to the many locations mentioned in the story. The moment you land at Changi Airport, you will realize that the city goes out of its way to offer the best to its visitors. Be prepared for one of the safest, and most fun and varied Asian holiday experiences of all time. 




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