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Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, lies in the heart of Europe. Ljubljana is a medium-sized people-friendly city; it offers everything a metropolis does yet preserves its small-town friendliness. It is also influenced by the Mediterranean streams; In summer, this means nice hot weather. Most of the attractions of Slovenia are easily accessible as a day trip from Ljubljana, making the capital an ideal base for exploring the entire country. Rogaska Crystal is one of the leading producers of crystal ware in the world and can be found with their largest collection of Rogaska Crystal right here in the company’s flagship store in Ljubljana. A few places of interest are the beaches on the Adriatic coast, Alps, hot springs, wine houses, caves of the Kras region and many medieval castles.

Public Transport System

Train, Bus, Taxis, rented car and rented bikes.Boats are not in the function of transport from point to point, but allow river sightseeing of Ljubljana. Boats depart from different points in Ljubljana city center and the rides usually last for about 30 minutes and they take you through the city center and under some of the most famous bridges of Ljubljana like the Triple Bridge, the Butchers` Bridge or the Dragon Bridge.

Cleanliness and Efficiency


Mode & Cost of Transports

Train - Single Journey - 2,5 €

Bus - Single Journey - 1.20 € - with Urbana Card
Taxi Laguna - Price: Starting fee: 0,93 € + 0,89 €/km
Taxi Metro - Price: Starting fee: 0,95 € + 0,89 €/km
Taxi Ljubljana - Price: Starting fee: 1,50 € + 1,10 €/km
Bikes - 5 Euros per day


Basic Items & Cost

Name Price
Water Bottle EUR 0.00
Cup of Coffee EUR 1.00
Milk Carton Pack EUR 1.00
Rice/Kg EUR 2.00
White Bread EUR 1.00
Eggs (12) EUR 2.00
Combo Meal EUR 5.00
Fine Dining EUR 30.00
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi EUR 2.00
Domestic Beer EUR 3.00
Imported Beer EUR 2.00
Bottle of Wine EUR 5.00
Cigarettes (20 Pack) EUR 4.00
Taxi ( 1 km ) EUR 1.00
Ticket in local transport (Single way). EUR 1.00
Rent ( One Bed Room) EUR 530.00

There is no real need to rent a car at Ljubljana airport as it is car-free. Furthermore, parking in the city can be quite expensive. There are buses going to Ljubljana from the airport frequently. There are also shuttle vans waiting at the airport. It is unforgivable to confuse the names and call Slovenia Slovakia or Czechoslovakia. This hurts the national pride of any Slovene.
Going to Slovenia, it’s worth to learn at least a few basic phrases: how to greet, say goodbye, ask, thank, etc. Most tourists have zero Slovenian knowledge, and locals know that it can hardly be called a popular language to learn. Therefore, they are really flattered when they hear familiar words from any foreigner. Even if phrases sound awkward and not entirely correct, it will still make a good impression. A tourist who tries to communicate with Slovenes in their native language has a chance to get better service or just please local friends.
In Slovenia the vinjeta(flat toll payment for the motorways) controls are frequent and strict, with high fines for not having one. Do not risk driving on the motorways without the vignette sticker, since the penalties are severe.
If you are planning to visit Postojna Cave or Skocjan Caves ensure to carry Jacket, wear long sleeves and wear decent shoes in any season of the year as the temperature in there is constant at 8-10 degrees all the time.
While visiting Postojna Cave by small electric train try and avoid taking pictures by the mobile. While lifting your arm, you can easily hit the wall and might lose your phone forever.

Slovenian’s do not appreciate late comers, so try and be on time if you have any appointment.
Those invited to a Slovenian home should dress conservatively, even if the meeting is informal and takes place on a weekday.
In most places in Slovenia, you can safely drink tap water. But it’s still better to avoid this way of quenching thirst unless you really want to drink, and there is no bottled water or other drink nearby. Even the harmless bacteria in clear water can cause an unexpected reaction from the unprepared body system, sometimes even indigestion.
When meeting Slovenes of both sexes shake each other’s hands. When meeting with Slovenians, one should not try to kiss their cheeks, even if they kiss with other friends - this can be regarded as a personal space breach. Therefore, it’s better just to shake hands firmly, and kiss them only if they take the first step themselves.
Keep in mind that the answer “no, thank you” to any proposal (food, invitation, assistance, etc.) is usually regarded as “yes, but I don’t want to seem rude and arrogant, so try to persuade me.” Slovenians can insist on the proposal, in which case it’s recommended to thank them and politely answer that everything is okay and the service is really not needed - or give up and accept the offer. This ritual works in the opposite direction. If the Slovenian politely declines your offer, try to persuade him a little, and he will most likely agree.
While eating, it is not customary to talk about business, finances and so on. This rule even applies to dinner with a business partner. For Slovenes, meal time is a chance to get to know each other better, relax and just chat. You can talk about business only if the partner himself started discussing it.
Slovenes always take off their shoes and put on slippers at home. Walk around the house in socks is not common. Most Slovenians have several pairs of slippers for guests.
It is important to know that most locals have breakfast before 8:00 am; it is usually very light and includes a cup of tea or coffee with a sandwich. Lunch is between 11:00 and 12:00 am. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day when several dishes are eaten. Dining with something light typically falls at 7:00 pm.
Tourists travelling by car should leave them only on guarded parking. Thefts from cars are common in Slovenia, so parking just on the roadside, especially at night, is not recommended. Even when leaving the car in a guarded parking lot, be sure to take all valuables out of it.
Avoid starting a conversation about the life of Slovenians in the USSR. If someone brings this topic up, it is better to maintain a neutral position.
One should not call Slovenia an eastern country or compare it with its eastern neighbours. Slovenes consider themselves Western Europeans.
Littering is prohibited in Slovenia, this also applies to cigarettes. Slovenians really care about the cleanliness of their streets, nature, and the country as a whole

Night Life

1. Go on a Sunset Boat Tour - Taking a boat tour of Ljubljana will allow you to see the city in a whole new light and help orient you a little better. So why not take a sunset boat tour and watch as the city changes before your very eyes? There are various tour groups that offer river tours, and a one hour boat tour is even included in the Ljubljana card. The river is clean with beautiful bridges to admire and plenty of good restaurants lining is sides. Many of the sunset cruises also offer music and wind. It is the perfect way to relax after a day of sightseeing.

2. Enjoy a lovely dinner at the Castle - The castle in Ljubljana was once a medieval fortress, built in the 15th century to protect the city. It has beautiful views and lovely walking paths. But when evening comes, the best part about the castle is the restaurant inside the castle courtyard, Gostilna na Gradu. Many years ago it was only the rich who were privileged to eat within the castles walls. Now, any one is welcome to this fine restaurant offering traditional Slovenian dishes. The ingredient for food made at Gostilna na Gradu is organically grown and found locally, as much as possible. There are vegetables purchased at the market in Ljubljana and excellent Slovenian wines. Every week you will find new dishes, and new things to try at Gostilna na Gradu. So head on up to the castle and enjoy and night under the stars while eating and drinking to your heart’s content

3. Vinoteka Movia - Vinoteka Movia is a great wine bar that is run by Movia Winery. They have a well rounded selection of Slovenian wines, along with some wines from other places. Wine tasting here will give you an insight into Slovenian wines and allow you to sample some from around the country. They also have some meat and cheese plates available to pair with the wines. Booking in advance is a wise idea as they have limited spots. There is outdoor seating as well at Vinoteka Movia that serves as a great spot for having a drink while watching city life go by.

4. Party at a former military-barracks-turned-urban-squat - Metelkova Mesto area is a former military barracks which has turned into an urban squat. It was taken over by artists and the homeless in the 1990s when Yugoslavian military left. You can walk and explore the old city barracks, admiring the graffiti art and sculpture that is everywhere. It is the leading centre of underground music and art in the area. At night thousands of students and artists come out to enjoy the bars and streets here. Musicians are often playing throughout the area and it’s a regular night time party spot. Definitely worth the time to at least take a walk through to at least see what it’s all about.

5. Ride the Funicular up to the Castle - The funicular up to the castle runs until 9pm in the winter months, 10pm in the summer time. It is a fun ride up the mountain to view the castle and city lights at night. It is easy to locate as it is right in the city centre and a ride up offers excellent views over the city.

During the summer months, the castle also regularly shows films beginning at 9:30 at night on the castle lawn. The films take place every night, weather permitting. So why not ride the funicular up to the castle, admiring city views along the way and then enjoy a Slovenian film at the top? It is sure to be a fun ride.

6. Jazz Club Gajo - Jazz Club Gajo has a relaxed atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy. Here you can enjoy a strong coffee or good Slovenian wine while listening to jazz music. It is a good place to relax and unwind. The garden is perfectly shaded and nicely breezy. There is an area specifically for kids where they can swing and colour. Even in the middle of town, it feels remote. A nice green spot to relax. In the summer time there is open air live music in the garden. There are regular jazz concerts, but also sometimes stand up comedy and other events. Staff is very kind and friendly at Jazz Club Gajo.

7. Club Daktari - Good beers at a good price, Club Daktari is often full, and always friendly. There is a nice terrace outside for visitors to enjoy and service is good. The location is central and easy to get to, just around the corner from the busiest streets of Ljubljana. There are other things to eat here as well. It is a place with a relaxed atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

8. Makalonca Bar - Makalonca Bar offer one of the most beautiful terrace dining experiences. You can eat your food right next to the Ljubljanica River, watching ships and people pass by. The staff is excellent and service is quick. Food is excellent as well. This is a place you definitely will not want to miss on your trip to Ljubljana. It is great for a meal, a drink, and a relaxing tim

Must See

    Visit Ljubljana’s Art galleries

    The monthly Artish art market takes place in central Ljubljana on the last Saturday of every month. With a Ljubljana tourist card, some of the museums and galleries offer free admission, but some are free of their own right regardless.

    Jakopic Gallery: Incredible photo exhibition from Josef Koudelka at this small gallery. Located on an ancient Roman site, the small gallery was impressive with its collection and its space.

    City Museum (Mestna Galerija): Located in the city centre, this small museum & gallery regularly shows contemporary art exhibitions.

    Modern Galerija: Part of the Museum of Modern Art, the Modern Gallery has a permanent collection of Slovenian and international contemporary art, with regular exhibitions of the same. (And note that the museum is free the first Sunday of every month!).

    Artish Market: This monthly art market in the city centre features local traders and artisans selling everything from jewellery to custom art. It takes place the last Saturday of every month

    Ljubljana offers plenty of different art galleries where everyone can find something of their interests. National Gallery is the main art museum in Slovenia that features the very best in Slovene art from the 13th century up to the first half of the 20th century.

    The most visited museum is the Museum of Illusions which will provide you, your family and friends full entertainment. With the help of some tricks, you will be learned about vision; perception, the human brain, and science which will help you understand why your eyes see things which your brain cannot understand. For those wanting to understand more about Slovenia, National Museum of Contemporary History is the right choice. The museum offers an overview of Slovenian history from the 19th through the 21st century.

    Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

    Visit Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre which performs classical and modern operas, ballets and concert works. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance as it is many times full. The building is beautiful and small, well worth seeing, and located near Tivoli Park.

    BTC City

    Do not miss City Park, Slovenia’s largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreation and cultural centres. There are over 450 stores, bars, restaurants, a main shopping mall CityPark, a market, 3D cinema, a water park with sauna, a hotel, and an entertainment centre with a casino, bowling and two office buildings.

    Tivoli Park

    Take a morning or afternoon stroll or have a picnic with your friends in Tivoli Park, the largest and stunning park in the city. There you will feel fresh air, surrounded by greenery, enjoy the smell of flowers and experience beautiful views. Perfect for Zen time, to relax or do some yoga.

    In the Park, there is Tivoli Castle, a mansion, where are held many events.

    Ljubljana ZOO

    Your children will love the idea of visiting the Ljubljana ZOO, located within a natural forest on the slopes of Roznik Hill, only a 20-minute walk from the centre of the city. Children will take part in many different workshops, activities and be in close contact with animals or simply have a guided tour of the ZOO.

    Metelkova – Former squat, now nightlife haven

    Once a military barracks, now an art squat - Undoubtedly the coolest part of Ljubljana is the area referred to as Metelkova City. A former military barracks, it is now an autonomous region of Ljubljana. The Yugoslavia army once had its base there, along with a prison, but soon after Slovenia gained its independence, the area was squatted by artists. The area is now home to the city’s best boutique hostel and countless bars & clubs. It’s also where you’ll find some really unique public art and graffiti.

    Visit Metelkova by day to check out the street art, or on Friday nights for the best nightlife in town.

    Hostel Celica: One of the most unique “prison” hostels. Besides each room having been designed by local and international artists, there are several restaurants and cafes on the ground floor and a museum in the basement. Stop by each afternoon at 3pm for a free tour and history lesson about the hostel and the Metelkova district.
    Tiffany Club: It’s Ljubljana’s most popular gay club but on Fridays it’s also just one of Ljubljana’s most popular clubs – gay or straight.

    Ljubljana Castle

    Ljubljana Castle, from the 11th century, is nestled on a small hill in the centre of the city. You can reach the Castle from different paths, walking up the hill from the Old Town or take the funicular (4 euro return trip) from Krekov trg. Today the Castle hosts a number of cultural events, concerts, in summer outdoor cinema, weddings and exhibitions throughout of the year. The castle offers various guided tours and some sections that are free of charge. There are art galleries, as well as a bar, restaurant and castle souvenir shop. Not only that, the location of the Castle will reward you with a spectacular view of the city and beyond.

    Congress square (Kongresni trg)

    Some important buildings face the square: Baroque Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity, the Slovenian Philharmonic building, and the rectorate of the University of Ljubljana. There is also a marvellous view of the Ljubljana Castle on the hill. Right next to the square there is Zvezda Park with tall trees and maintained grass where you can have a short rest from busy city centre or just observe the vibe of the city. During summer there are many performances, concerts etc.

    Central Market

    For all market lovers, Ljubljana features the Central Market, which is an open-air market, situated between the two squares, the Vodnikov trg and Pogacarnev trg and other small shops along the river Ljubljanica. The market offers local Slovenian fruits and vegetables, tropical fruits, flowers and meat products. There you can find also organic foods grown by local farmers. Right next to the outdoor market there is a covered market where you can find dried fruit, bread and pastries. During the year the market hosts various culinary events.


    Do you want to enjoy some of the most beautiful 360 views of the city from above? Then you need to visit Skyscraper (or “Neboticnik” in Slovenian). Wooden spiral stairs will lead you to the top of the building, on the 11th floor where you can pamper yourself with a tasty coffee and a dessert in the bar with nice ambiance. And if you visit in the late of the afternoon, you will experience romantic sunset view. There are various shops, business offices and on the 6th to 9th floors residential flats.

    Preseren Square

    Preseren Square is a perfect point where you should start a sightseeing of the city. Prešeren Square is the central square of the city and a meeting place and a site for concerts and different events. At the eastern side of the square, there is a stature of France Prešeren (after whom the square is named), the biggest and most important Slovene poet, with a muse of poetry, his great love above his statue, Julija Primic. From the square, you can walk down the Ljubljanica River or walk up. Plenty of different cafes and restaurants are downriver with beautiful views. This is a busy spot of Ljubljana with street musicians and other entertainers. Nearby are three bridges forming the Triple bridge (or “Tromostovje” in Slovene) crossing Ljubljanica river. In the background of the square, there is a Franciscan church of the Annunciation.

    Bars, dance clubs and pubs

    Nightlife in Ljubljana is diverse with plenty of bars, clubs and pubs. The city by night is also much different in summer than in winter. In summer you will seat outside one of the bars and watch people passing you by.  For all metal and rock music lovers, Orto bar is a great choice. It is the biggest and most well known rock bar with three floors, crazy parties and best DJ programmes. Cvetlicarna is another alternative where you can enjoy with your friends at Friday or Saturday night.  It hosts not only events and concerts but also stand up comedy shows. If you are looking more classic club, then Bachus is a good choice. This is a wine bar by day and a club by night set on three floors.

    Cankarjev Dom

    Cankarjev Dom (named after the Slovene writer Ivan Cankar) is the largest cultural and congress centre in Ljubljana that hosts events of all kinds, exhibitions, dance shows, concerts etc. Definitely, you will find something of your interest.

    National and University Library

    In the centre of Ljubljana, you will find one of the most important national educational institutions of Slovenia, designed by famous architect Joze Plecnik.  It has a rich collection of medieval manuscripts, incunabula and Renaissance prints. Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed to enter (open only to students of the university), but you can stop by and at least admire the exterior.

    Cathedral of St. Nicholas

    Located in the historic old city centre and is the main church of the city from the early 18th century. The outside part is not impressive, but the interior is breathtaking, picturesque with the Baroque decor, exquisite frescos and bronze doors.

    Drink craft beer on the coolest tour in town

    The Ljubljanjam craft beer tour included 4 local brew tastings and 4 different food tastings. The Pelicon summer ale here is one of the favourite beers on the tour!

    This wouldn’t feel like a tour but more like an afternoon of hanging around with friends. It is the perfect introduction to the city and that special “Ljubljana atmosphere.”

    Ljubljananjam: This small, local tour operator is your go-to resource for any food & drink tours through Ljubljana. Besides the craft beer walk (where you sample local Slovenian beers), there are also specific walks just for desserts and other local Ljubljana foods!

    Best way to get around? On a bike!

    Bikes in Ljubljana seem to be a way of life. Ljubljana isn’t a big city. The city has plenty of bike lanes and the roads seemed relatively safe. Plus like many other cities around the world, Ljubljana has its own official bike share program

    Eat. Every. Local. Food. You. Find.

    Taste Ljubljana—an initiative by the official tourism organization to promote local culinary food and recipes. Some of the best local cuisine – from cottage cheese pancakes (yumm!) to fried chicken and beef tongue.

    There are also countless quality restaurants in Ljubljana. It seems the locals know how to live the good life and are after fresh ingredients and quality food in their meals. The top three places one may visit are the JB Restaurant, Restaurant As and Gostlina Na Gradu.

    Open Kitchen: This weekly food market is the place to be every Friday. Over 50 different chefs participate on a weekly basis and you’ll find both local and international cuisine at the market. Look out for the fried chicken (a Ljubljana food speciality)! The Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna) market is in its second year and doesn’t seem like it’ll stop anytime soon. Make sure you visit.
    Culinary Slovenia cooking class: If one of the cities’ many food tour options isn’t your thing, try a cooking class instead.

    Taste Ljubljana Travel Guide

    TRAVEL TIP: Check out the Taste Ljubljana travel guide for. The free book and pamphlet includes recipes as well as restaurant recommendations on where to find local Ljubljana food dishes

    Spend your time hanging out by the river

    On an evening boat ride down the Ljubljanica River. Most cities with rivers running through them tend to focus a lot on the riverside. And Ljubljana is no different. Thanks to some political foresight, the area around the Ljubljanica River has been developed over the past decade to become the “it” place to be in Ljubljana. From markets to some of the city’s best bars and restaurants, everyone seems to spend their time along the river.

    Sunday Market: Every Sunday open from 8:00am to 14:00, there’s a flea market where you’ll find random knickknacks, vintage postcards and other quirky memorabilia, in the city centre along the river.
    Boat rides: There are more than a few companies offer boat tours down the Ljubljanica River, but you’ll want to go with the prettiest. The Laker Craft wooden boat is the most picturesque boat and costs the same as the other tours


    Taste your way around
    Start off your stay on the right foot with a culinary walking tour. Top jubljana Foods offers four-hour guided circuits that serve up more than Slovenian food and wine; Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture are also highlighted by the tour leaders, or “gastronauts”, who provide insight into how the history of the city shaped its culinary scene.
    The route leads through the old city centre and into local restaurants, where punters taste nine traditional dishes and sip four types of wine.

    Stay caffeinated like a local
    Slovenians covet their Turkish coffee, and with all the outdoor activities on offer in Ljubljana. Grab your early morning high octane hit at Slovenska Hisa on Cankarjevo embankment. And when your afternoon craving kicks in, head to Cafe Cokl for some organic chocolate and a cup of in-house, freshly roasted, fair trade coffee.

    Learn a craft
    To truly appreciate the local culture, try your hand at some crafting. Dive deeper into traditions such as pottery, Idrija lace making, Radovljica honey bread making or beer brewing. Classes can be booked by special arrangement through Roundabout Travel.

    Cycle the city
    Ljubljana's mostly flat terrain makes it an ideal city to cycle around. Cruise along the emerald-coloured Ljubljanica river or in and around the many public green spaces, and you’ll understand why this city was named one of the world’s top green capitals and ranked 8th by the Copenhagenize bicycle-friendly cities Index.

    Support social enterprise
    What Ljubljana lacks in size, it makes up for in heart, art, and innovation. Take a seat at Druga Violina in the Old City Centre, which provides an opportunity for people with learning disabilities to learn vocational skills and make their own money in an inclusive environment. Snack on a selection of prsut z olivami, indulge in struklji dumplings, and tuck into traditional Slovenian soups and stews served by staff with special needs.
    Swing by the Stara Roba, Nova Raba thrift shop and support another good initiative. This secondhand store is giving second chances to local people and products. It hires and trains unemployed locals, and offers unique household items, toys, books, and jewellery at bargain prices, with proceeds going to a homeless charity.

    Spend the night in a jail cell
    The Metelkova autonomous cultural zone is one of the few places on the planet where you can sip a tea, admire art installations, attend a concert, deliberately sleep in a jail cell and crash an underground party – on former military barracks.
    In the 1990s, artists took over this former military zone in an attempt to transform it from a dark relic of the past into a multicultural creative community with a positive future. They were met with opposition and threats of demolition by the government but artists persisted, squatting on the property to protect it.
    In 2003, more than 120 years after it was built to lock people up, Hostel Celica – previously a political prison – opened its doors to invite the exchange of cultures and ideas. The cells have been converted to guest rooms and the property hosts cultural events.

    Escape to an agrotourism estate
    Visit a family farm and get a taste of life just outside Ljubljana. You only need to travel 20 minutes out of the city to get to Pri Lazarju, but you’ll feel a world away. Spend an afternoon exploring the estate, sampling Slovenian cuisine, touring Podgrad's castles and observing culinary traditions – such as fruit drying and spirit distilling – on nearby farms. 

    Stroll through Tivoli Park
    Enjoy a slower pace – and some cake – at Ljubljana’s largest park. With five square kilometres of green space, tree-lined walkways and trails to trek, Tivoli Park is a favourite for locals and visitors alike. Check out the open-air gallery at the Jakopic Promenade, order a cake at the Colnarna cafe, or just laze in the shade with a good book.

    Sip Slovenian wine
    The majority of Slovenia’s wine is consumed domestically rather than exported, so this is your chance to savour flavours you won’t find elsewhere. Cruise down by the river and peruse Ljubljana’s longest wine list at Dvorni Bar. Head to Vinoteka Movia and let the knowledgeable staff lead you through an intimate tasting of their award-winning wines, before grabbing a glass and kicking back in the casual chic courtyard.

    Take a day trip
    Ljubljana is perfectly positioned as a base for exploring Slovenia beyond the city. Smarna Gora, a popular hiking trail with panoramic views from the top, is just 20 minutes north of the city centre. Venture further afield, about an hour north of Ljubljana, and you’ll reach the Julian Alps region where you can explore glacial lakes – like Bled and Bohinj – and scenery so spectacular you'll feel certain you’ve stepped straight into a fairytale. Under an hour south of the city you'll find Postonja, one of Slovenia's 11,500 caves, and another 15 minutes brings you to Predjama, the world’s largest cave castle.

    Spot Metal Statues Along the Ljubljanica River

    Walk along the Ljubljanica River and see if you can spot some interesting metal sculptures along the way before you arrive at Ljubljana's Central Market.



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    Best time to visit

    December, January, February: Weather is far too cold this time of year in Ljubljana to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. On average, it rains or snows a fair amount: consistently. These are the busiest months for tourism.June, July, August: In the summer Ljubljana's climate is more influenced by Mediterranean air currents, therefore very comfortable weather with relatively warm temperatures is experienced. This is also the busiest season for tourism in Ljubljana, so lodging and other accommodations may cost slightly more.

    Moderate time to visit

    March, April, May: Humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel moderately cold. Spring is the slowest for tourism, which makes it a good time for those looking for good deals.

    Worst time to visit

    September, October, November: Due to daily rainfalls, which make the environment chilly it becomes uncomfortable to explore the city. It rains or snows a significant amount. Tourism is fairly slow during these months due to the weather, so hotels may be priced at a low cost.


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