About Clifton

A magical land of beaches, where the white sands stretch across as far as the eyes can see, and the deep blue waters soothe your nerves, Clifton is the place to be. It is home to the most expensive real estate in South Africa with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. Clifton has been rated as one of the Top Ten Beaches in the world by Discovery Travel Channel and is a must see when you are in Cape Town. The area has four beaches, named from 1st to 4th as such, and is separated by huge boulders of granite and has pure white granitic sand. These beaches are well protected from the notorious south-easterly wind making them an ideal spot for numerous water sports. You can see the majestic Lion's Head mountain behind Clifton (on its Eastern side) making it a perfect backdrop for amazing photos.

Must See

  • The coastline of these beaches is made of pure white granitic sand.
  • The fifth beach of this area, Moses Beach appears and disappears when sand gets washed in and out during the various seasons.
  • This place is ideal for water sports like surfing.

How to reach

It is 6.6 km from the city center. There are buses from Long Street every 10 minutes. You can take a cab as well.

The cost would be around R 140 to R 180.


  • Shark sightings are rare in Clifton but there have been at least 12 attacks here. Not to worry, though.
  • Do take the necessary gear for water sports like surfing.
  • Get in the water only if you think it is safe.
  • Sunscreen, sunhat, and glasses are a must.
  • Carry enough drinking water as tap water isn't consumable.
  • Do not leave your valuables unattended on the beach.
  • Refrain from carrying too much cash or wearing expensive jewelry.
  • Don't sign up for water activities if you have poor health conditions.

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Sunday: Open 24 hours

Monday: Open 24 hours

Tuesday: Open 24 hours

Wednesday: Open 24 hours

Thursday: Open 24 hours

Friday: Open 24 hours

Saturday: Open 24 hours

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