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An incredible place to visit once in Seville!  Stunning Spanish architecture within picturesque scenes characterizes the iconic Plaza de España, a majestic architectural complex built as the central office for the Ibero-American Exposition, a world fair held in Seville in 1929. This amazing Unesco heritage site is perfectly framed in the equally stunning marvel, Maria Luisa Park, just south of Seville's historic center.  

Designed by the legendary Spanish architect Anibal González, this is a unique architectural marvel consisting of the amazing Park-Plaza spread in a lavish 50,000 square. Spectacular buildings charmingly adorned with scenic bridges and colorful tile alcoves representing Spain’s provinces is very enthralling. Plaza de España seems to encapsulate not just the beauty of Seville and Andalusia but the essence and spirit of entire Spain. Soak in the beauty of the fabulous park-plaza from the romantic boat trips along the captivating canal to leisure strolls amidst the balconies, towers, museums, and administrative buildings that surround this monumental semicircular plaza. Whether you choose to visit it during the night or watch it glowing in the gentle sunlight,  you are sure to get besotted by Plaza de España with its amazing cultural, artistic, and relaxing experience.


Must See

  •  The arches, bridges, tiles and other characteristics make it seem like a fairyland
  • The plaza simultaneously exhibits beautiful craftsmanship and monumentality
  •  The plaza is quite spectacular with its ornamental buildings, ornamental paving, a central fountain, and mini-Venice boating pond, not to mention its super-grand scale 
  • Also find treasures of ceramic pots, pools, fountains, and waterfalls
  •  Stroll across the tiled footbridges to see the tiled alcoves depicting each of the regions of Spain
  •  The building, architecture, park and the mosaic and paintings in the square are absolutely marvelous

How to reach

 By Subway:

It takes 13 minutes and costs 1.32 to 1.56 Euros

Bu Bus:

It takes 14 minutes and costs 0.25 to 1.44 Euros

By Night Bus:

It takes 11 minutes and costs 1.41 Euros

 By Taxi;

 It takes 2 minutes and costs 4.21 to 5.05 Euros

By Walk:

It takes 26 minutes


  •  Watch the free flamenco shows with the extremely talented dancers 
  •  Good place for photos with the old buildings and fountains serving as a backdrop
  •  There may also be some dancing going on at weekends
  • You can paddle a boat in the little canal
  •  Beware of pickpockets
  •  Best time to visit is the second part of the day when there's full sunlight lighting up the place
  • At the back of the building, there is also a military museum which also has free entry and is well worth a visit
  • For multiple passengers, one can hire cycles and rowing boats here
  • One can find affordable carruajes and bikes for your rent

Visit Time

Sunday:         Open 24 hours

Monday:         Open 24 hours

Tuesday:        Open 24 hours

Wednesday:   Open 24 hours

Thursday:       Open 24 hours

Friday:            Open 24 hours

Saturday:        Open 24 hours

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Time you can spend

 3 to 4 hours


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Mist 12.11°C


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