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Swiss Franc(CHF)
Sunny 22.8℃
17:04 PM (GMT +02:00)
Electric Socket
Type J ( 230 V 50 Hz)... Read more

About Bern

The fifth largest city on the map of the beautiful country of Switzerland, Bern, proudly looks upon the mighty Alps. This wonderful city to behold is situated on the banks of the alluring river Aare and has been the capital of the country for almost 170 years. This UNESCO listed city is characterized by Sandstone buildings with arcades from the floor. An ancient treasure of around 11 artistically carved fountains, each adorned with a lifelike statue distinguishes the city centre even today. Fascinatingly the city was the home town of the famous physicist Albert Einstein’s in the 20th century and the same shares the fame of his theory of relativity unveiled here. The city claims fame for also being the hometown of globally acclaimed for his artistic excellence, modern artist Paul Klee. The city paid its due tribute to this wonderful artist in creating a museum housing almost half of the creative work ever done by Paul Klee. Boasting unlimited treasures of culture, entertainment and respite Bern undoubtedly scores remarkably high in the entire area of Switzerland.

Continent Country
Europe Switzerland
Airport Name / IATA Code
Bern Belp Airport BRN

  • Time To Visit

Best time to visit
April, May, June July, August, and September- late spring and summer are good seasons for tourism. July to mid-August- a vacation season pertaining to pleasant weather conditions.
Moderate time to visit
October, November, December, January is moderate tourism where visitors rely less on visiting Bern because of not very favourable weather conditions.
Worst time to visit
February and March- the worst time for tourism due to intense snowstorms
Month January February March April May June July August September October November December
Minimum temprature (℃) -3 -3 1 4 8 12 13 13 10 6 1 -2
Maximum temprature (℃) 3 5 10 15 18 23 25 24 20 14 8 3
Rain fall (mm) 61 54 59 68 93 123 119 116 101 70 68 54
0.13 (Millions)
Official Language
Swiss German
Spoken Language
The cantons of Bern ... Read more
Other Language
Alemannic Swiss, Ber... Read more
Start Tariff: CHF 6.... Read more




Public Transport
Basic Items And Cost
Name Price
Water Bottle USD 5.31
Cup of Coffee USD 5.31
Milk Carton Pack USD 2.12
Rice/Kg USD 3.19
White Bread USD 3.19
Eggs (12) USD 5.31
Combo Meal USD 14.87
Fine Dining USD 106.25
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi USD 4.25
Domestic Beer USD 7.44
Imported Beer USD 6.37
Bottle of Wine USD 12.75
Cigarettes (20 Pack) USD 8.50
Taxi ( 1 km ) USD 4.25
Ticket in local transport (Single way). USD 3.19
Rent ( One Bed Room) USD 1508.68
Do's And Don'ts
Night Life
Must See
  • Take a trip to Interlaken from Bern to experience this beautiful section of the Alps. 
  • Visit the town of Thun, the most charming town by far in the city of Bern that sits on the river Aare. 
  • Biel: The centre of Swiss Watchmaking. Visit this town to get an aura of the old world charm of the city.
  • Murten: The most well preserved old town in all of Europe. 
  • See SC Bern play: Best supported ice hockey team in the world outside the NHL.
  • Swim in the Aare river.
Antiquitäten Ritschard U. & M.
Kramgasse 9, 3011 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
.85 Km
Flohmarkt Steinhölzli
4, Kirchstrasse, 3097 Liebefeld, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
5.6 Km
Länggassstrasse 46, 3012 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
5.4 Km
Nicky's Schnäppchenshop
Kirchstrasse, 3065 Bolligen, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
6.2 Km
Bazaar 58
Gerechtigkeitsgasse 58, 3011 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
1.2 Km
Edelweiss Shop - Swiss Souvenir, Schweizer Souvenirs, Souvenir Store, Interlaken
Bahnhofstrasse 10, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
55.8 Km
cmx switzerland
Rathausgasse 46, 3011 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
.9 Km
Tierparkweg 1, 3005 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
4.3 Km
Marktgasse 38, 3011 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
3.9 Km
Berner Heimatwerke, Genossenschaft
Kramgasse 61, 3011 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
1.0 Km
Wankdorf Shopping Mall
Papiermühlestrasse 85, 3014 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
2.4 Km
Westside Shopping and Leisure Centre
Riedbachstrasse 100, 3027 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
9.2 Km
Schanzenstrasse 5, 3008 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
2.6 Km
Monbijoustrasse 16, 3011 Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
2.6 Km
Coiffeur Creative Ramseier Evelyne
Kalchackerstrasse 9, 3047 Bremgarten bei Bern, Switzerland
Distance From City Center
4.4 Km
Souvenir Suggestions
  • Swiss army knives.
  • Chocolates, famous caramels, pralines, and truffles.
  • Swiss made watches.
  • Jewellery and candles in rainbow colours.
  • Hand puppets.
  • Wooden dollhouse furniture.
  • Vibrantly coloured home accessories.
  • Photo frames.

Tourist attractions in Bern


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