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The city with outstanding universal value, Damascus is considered the oldest in the world with a rich history dating back to 10,000 BC. Damascus has been an important cultural and commercial centre being at the crossroads of the Orient and the Occident, between two great continents, Asia and Africa. It has outstanding exhibits of its past civilizations and there is much to see and learn from this amazing ancient land. Walk through the old city and explore the rustic maze of narrow alleys, punctuated by beautiful doorways that lead into charming courtyards and fine-looking houses. Experience some royal traditions, shop for spices, drink some Syrian coffee and meet amazing people here. Damascus is a city that has the smell of jasmine and orchards, adorned with ancient architecture and rich cultural heritage — you can't match Damascus. It is the city you come and fall in love with. Damascus is a piece of heaven, waiting to be discovered.

Public Transport System

Micro buses(servees), Taxi, Car rentals

Cleanliness and Efficiency

Cleanliness: Low to medium, Effeciency: Medium

Mode & Cost of Transports

  • Taxi: Starts at 275 SYP.
  • Bus: Starts at 50 SYP one- way. Monthly pass starts at 7950 SYP.

Basic Items & Cost

Name Price
Water Bottle SYP 193.00
Cup of Coffee SYP 703.00
Milk Carton Pack SYP 358.00
Rice/Kg SYP 548.00
White Bread SYP 127.00
Eggs (12) SYP 600.00
Combo Meal SYP 2318.00
Fine Dining SYP 7045.00
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi SYP 307.00
Domestic Beer SYP 721.00
Imported Beer SYP 729.00
Bottle of Wine SYP 2287.00
Cigarettes (20 Pack) SYP 1545.00
Taxi ( 1 km ) SYP 320.00
Ticket in local transport (Single way). SYP 52.00
Rent ( One Bed Room) SYP 118685.00


  • At night, taxi drivers do not usually use the meter, so you may be best off negotiating the price before you get in.
  • ATMs are a little difficult to spot. So always carry adequate cash in hand.
  • Sale of alcoholic beverages is very limited during the holy month of Ramadan. Many restaurants and cafes are closed during this time. Do check with your hotel in advance if alcohol is served.
  • Take a copy of your identity document when you are stepping outside. Always leave the original in your room or at a safe spot.
  • Wear neutral and modest clothes, especially when you are touring sacred and religious places in the city. Flashy and sexy clothes are frowned upon.
  • The majority of shops are open every day except Friday. Plan your shopping accordingly.


  • You can take photos of everything you want except for military checkpoints and government buildings. You will get questioned or even arrested.
  • If you hear sounds of fighter jets, don't panic. It is common here.
  • It isn't a very good idea to rent a car in Damascus. There is almost always a traffic jam and parking tends to be difficult too.

Night Life

Damascus has been primal to the country's ongoing civil war since 2011. But, if you expect Damascus to be a ghost town like many other major Syrian cities, you are mistaken. Over the past few years, a fresh nightlife culture has emerged especially among the younger citizens; new bars, pubs, and cafes have opened everywhere. The number of nightspots is on the rise and it is the major diversion for the locals to feel normal again despite the security risks of the war. Due to constant conflicts in the country, going to outskirts of the city or cultural institutions are not very popular especially during the late hours. You can spend a whole night in the city’s bars or pubs, drinking, dining, dancing and making friends. If you are not a typical party animal, there are other options to keep you entertained. You can go shopping in the popular souk or smoke a 'nargileh' at one of the cafes. Indulge in some tasty treats at local restaurants or head to Mount Qassioun to see the city lights.

Must See

  • Visit the Umayyad Mosque, one of the largest and oldest in the world, and feel the calmness and spirituality around as you admire its beautiful architecture and amazing interiors.
  • Shop at the famous Souq Al-hamidiyeh, eat some ice-cream and sip an Arabian coffee. This place is rich in history. You can spend hours here just sitting and observing the people and the shops around you.
  • Visit the National Museum of Damascus and learn about the historical heritage of Syria. This place will interest both adults and kids alike.
  • See the amazing Al Azem Palace, enjoy an evening on the green grounds surrounding it and relax after a long day.
  • Take a walk in the Old city,  explore the extraordinary buildings, shop some antiques and eat at the charming local restaurants, because old is beautiful and the old city of Damascus is no exception.
  • Hike atop Mount Qassioun and enjoy the beautiful city from the hilltop. Spot all the major landmarks and take lots of pictures with the amazing Damascus city at the backdrop. The view at night is even more magical with beautiful shining lights and a glittering skyline.


  • View the city from a high-rise at night when the whole city is lit up and the minarets of mosques are bathed in green light.
  • Bathe in a Hammam (Turkish bath). The experience is one of a kind.
  • Enjoy some Arabic music and dine at local restaurants in the old city.
  • Drink the famous Syrian coffee and shop at the busy street markets.
  • Relax at a Hooka cafe, sip tea and make new friends.
  • Eat the famous vegetarian falafel sandwich, chicken shawarma, and manakeesh.
  • Explore the ruins of ancient buildings, take a walk in old streets and travel back in time.
  • Take a train ride and see all the beautiful natural places in the region.
  • Stroll through the beautiful alleys of the city's parks and relax in the shade of huge old trees.



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Star Taxi
Rami International Taxi
Royal Taxi
Damascus Taxi Service
Almashroue Taxi
  • Purses
  • Handbags
  • Table cloth
  • Potholders
  • Wooden engravings
  • Hand embroidered
  • Shawls
  • Carved boxes
  • Damascus A‘abas( Kaftans)
  • Silverware
  • Precious stones
  • Coffee pots
  • Arabian coffee cups
  • Olive oil-based cosmetics
  • Spices

Official Language


Other Language

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Spoken Language

Kurdish, Aramaic and Assyrian ... Read more


Syrian Pound (SYP)


1.8 (Millions)

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Electric socket

Type C
Type C ( 220 V 50 Hz)
Type E
Type E ( 230 V 50 Hz)
Type L
Type L ( 230 V 50 Hz)
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Airport Name / IATA Code

Damascus International Airport - DAM

Best time to visit

March, April, May: Spring is the best time to visit Damascus as the weather is pleasant with almost no rains at all.

Moderate time to visit

December, January, February: The weather is much colder and it may rain or snow once in a while. This is the second favourite tourist season.

Worst time to visit

June, July, August, September, October, November: There is no worst time to visit Damascus, however, the months of June, July, August are warmer and sees almost no rain at all.September, October, and November have nice weather given the humidity and wind, with more frequent rains. This is the time of the year with the least number of tourists.


Start Tariff: SYP 257.50

1 Km. Tariff: SYP 320.00

1 Hour Waiting Tariff: SYP 1030.00

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