About Catacombs of Sousse

The Sousse Catacombs is the place where early Christians sought refuge from persecution. They came to pray as well bury their dead. This underground cemetery dates back to the first century. The 5 km long labyrinth of galleries contain more than 15,000 graves, mostly bricked in. There are few tombs that have glass fronts through which visitors can observe skeletal remains. The necropolis was named after an engraving of the good shepherd once discovered at the site. The relics of stone carvings and epitaphs of the catacombs are now kept in the Sousse museum. You can visit this place along with your trip to Sousse museum.

Must See

  • Sousse's Catacombs are reminiscent of the times of Christianity in Tunisia.
  • The underground necropolis was created towards the end of the first century by Christians.
  • It formed of galleries stretching over 5 kilometres.
  • There are more than 15,000 graves.
  • Used as a place of worship and a refuge for the first Christians until the end of the 4th century.
  • Catacombs contain many sacred artifacts now displayed in the Sousse museum.
  • Thousands of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for what they believed are buried here.

How to reach

Sousse Catacombs is located near the museum inside the Medina, so you can take the same train as for Medina. Take the light rail as it connects central Sousse by the Medina (4 Station Sousse Bab Jdid) to Mahdia via Monastir. It stops along the way in various neighborhoods in southern Sousse and the Monastir MIR IATA airport. Then, there are buses - both public and private - and run every half an hour. The best option is to hire a taxi.


  • Check out before you go to the tombs. It's little known and difficult to locate from Medina city walls.
  • Worth seeing for the devoted fans of spooky places.
  • Though historical site, it is frequently visited by tourists.
  • Better to hire a guide.

Visit Time

Day                       Opening Hours                       Closing Hours

Sunday                       10am                                6pm
Monday                       10am                                6pm                                                            
Tuesday                         10am                                6pm

Wednesday                10am                                6pm                               

Thursday                    10am                                6pm                             

Friday                         10am                                6pm

Saturday                    10am                                6pm      

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2 to 5 minutes to buy tickets


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5 DT  (Tunisian Dinar) for entry

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suggested time : 1 to 2 hours,


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