About Dar Essid Museum

The Dar Essid Museum is a privately-managed art museum in the medina of Sousse. The museum showcases the edifice of the family of aristocrats and the daily life in Sousse during the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum is housed in a beautiful old home, furnished in the fabulous style of a well-to-do 19th-century Sousse official and his family. The extravagance reflected in the Andalusian-tiled facades and in the objets d'art and European antique furniture in the downstairs rooms are worth seeing. The Roman lamp with the graphic depiction of a copulating couple in the master bedroom seeks to demonstrate the husband's control and stamina until the lamp went out. Also of interest, is a 700-year-old marriage contract that's decorated using the 18-karat gold in the first wife's bedroom.

Must See

  • A fabulous art museum located in a palace in the medina of Sousse
  • The museum retraces the daily city life of Sousse in the 18th and 19th centuries
  • This is the only privately-owned museum in Sousse 
  • The museum shows off a beautiful old home of a well-to-do 19th-century Sousse official
  • Roman lamp with the graphic depiction of a copulating couple to remind the husband to demonstrate his control and stamina until the lamp went out is its special attraction
  • The  700-year-old marriage contract that's decorated using 18-karat gold is of special interest 

How to reach

As the Dar Essid Museum is located in the medina, it's just a 5-10 minutes walk from the city centre. The local bus station is next to the Medina in the town centre, so you can easily bus there. Local buses No.12 and 18  to Port El Kantaoui leave every 30 minutes from the bus stop just outside the medina. The main train station of Sousse Voyageurs is located just west of Pl Farhat Hached. 


  • Easy to visit from Hammamet, Monastir, and from Sousse itself
  • Be prepared to pay extra for a camera
  • If you are scared of heights avoid going to the top of the tower
  • Select your language fact sheet at the entrance which explains each of the items in each room
  • Go to the terrace at the top to have a wonderful view of Sousse
  • There is a cafe where you can relax

Visit Time

Day                       Opening Hours                       Closing Hours

Sunday                      10am                                        7pm

Monday                     10am                                         7pm

Tuesday                    10am                                         7pm

Wednesday               10am                                         7pm

Thursday                   10am                                          7pm

Friday                       10am                                           7pm

Saturday                  10am                                          7pm

From October to April: 10am to 6pm

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Waiting Time

No waiting time required


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Entrance Fee


Entry fee id 4 DT(Tunisian Dinar).

You may be charged extra for a camera.

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Time you can spend

1-3 hours


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Clear Sky 30.94°C


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