About El Jem Amphitheatre, Mahida

The El Djem Amphitheatre in Mahida, nearly 70 km away from Sousse, is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the region apart from the Sousse Archaeological Museum. It was built around 238 AD in Thysdrus, located in the Roman province of Africa Proconsulare in present-day El Djem, Tunisia. It is one of the best-preserved Roman stone ruins in the world, and unique in Africa. In 1996, American sportswear company Nike used this location to shoot a television commercial titled "Good vs Evil". The cast included famous soccer players from around the world, including Eric Cantona, Ronaldo, Paolo Maldini, Luís Figo, Patrick Kluivert, and Jorge Campos. El Djem is the third amphitheatre built on the same place. Legend has it that it was constructed by the local proconsul Gordian, who became the Emperor as Gordian III. Later, it served as a fortress, and people used to take refuge during the attacks of Vandals in 430  AD and Arabs in 647 AD. The amphitheatre was used for shops, dwellings, and grain storage during  the19th century. As of now, it is one of the best designs in the world.

Must See

  • One of the well-preserved Roman ruins and a World Heritage Site.
  • Sportswear company Nike used this location in 1996 to shoot a television commercial titled "Good vs Evil 
  • Can host crowds of approximately 35,000 for spectator events
  • The remarkable structure still intact though amphitheatre was built around 238 AD
  • The distinct Roman style in its curved form and the use of arches look stunning even today
  • It is the third amphitheatre built on the same place
  • This place was used for shops, dwellings, and grain storage during the 19th century

How to reach

By Train: Travelling by train from Sousse to El Jem from Sousee is the easiest way. There is a direct train from Sousse to El Jem. Services depart once daily. The journey will cost  120 to 140 dinar and take 56 minutes.

By Bus: Medina is a  large bus station with the buses going to all parts of Tunisia. There are frequent buses from here. Once in El Jem, Amphitheatre is just 5 mins walk

By taxi: A taxi from Sousse to El Jem  will cost anything between 800-1000 dinars


  • Go right up to the top and see beautiful views of El Jem as well as into the tunnels where "Gladiator" was filmed.
  • Enjoy coffee outside the Amphitheatre. There are plenty of cafes.
  • Should visit the nearby El Jem Archaeological Museum. It displays archaic Roman objects.
  • Follow the dress code in a Muslim country. Sundresses and tops will be good enough.

Visit Time

Day                       Opening Hours                       Closing Hours

Sunday                      8am                                 5pm

Monday                      8am                                 5pm         

Tuesday                        8am                                 5pm

Wednesday                8am                                 5pm

Thursday                    8am                                 5pm

Friday                        8am                                 5pm

Saturday                 8am                                  5pm

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Waiting Time

Up to 5 minutes to buy the entry ticket and check


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Entrance Fee


 8 DT (Tunisia Dinar) and  1 Dinar for photography including a visit to the Archaeological Museum

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Time you can spend

Suggested tie: one ad a half an hour


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Clear Sky 37.52°C


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