About Tower of the Ribat

Ribat is the oldest monument in Sousse's Medina. It was built during the end of 8th century AD as a fort for devout Islamic warriors to study the Quran in its tiny, cell-like rooms. The internal courtyard is surrounded by porticoes. The Nador (watchtower) standing in the corner was added by the Aghlabids in 821 AD. It is among the first mosques built in the city, including the Great Mosque of Sousse. It is interesting that Ribat collects rainwater for the use of drinking and washing. The water basin was first built by Ibrahim the Great, which was expanded later by Ziyadullah. The tower of Ribat offers spectacular views over the Medina.

Must See

  • It's a very well preserved castle
  • This attraction is among the first mosques built in the Sousse and Arab ancient castle
  • Gives you a taste for the history of this land
  • Its 8th-century fortress is in the Byzantine architectural style
  • A tall minaret in the corner of the building offers a panoramic view of the old city 

How to reach

Ribat is part of the median complex. Take the light rail as it connects central Sousse by the Medina (4 Station Sousse Bab Jdid) to Mahdia via Monastir. It stops along the way in various neighbourhoods in southern Sousse and the Monastir MIR IATA airport. The journey costs 1 DT from Sousse to Monastir.


  • You can walk around the covered avenues and sidewalks.
  • Ramparts, steps, and edges at a high level do not have barriers. Be alert.
  • Entrances to the rooms are low, be careful with your head.
  • The tower is quite dark and the stairs are mostly worn out. It's better to use the light on your phone or use a small torch.
  • You can shop for souvenirs as there are a number of shops offering gift items at a reasonable price.
  • You will have to pay extra for photography as it's not included in the entry ticket.

Visit Time

Day                       Opening Hours                       Closing Hours

Sunday                      8am                                 5.30pm

Monday                      8am                                 5.30pm
Tuesday                        8am                                 5.30pm

Wednesday                8am                                 5.30pm

Thursday                   8am                                 5.30pm

Friday                     8am                                 5.30pm

Saturday                   8am                                 5.30pm

From June to September its 8am to 7pm

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Waiting Time

2 to 5 minutes to buy the tickets


Entrance Fee Icon

Entrance Fee


7 DT (Dinar) plus 1 Dinar extra for photography 

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Time you can spend Icon

Time you can spend

Suggested tine 1 to 1.50 hours


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Overcast Clouds 24.91°C


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