About Zaouia Zakkak

Zaouia Zakkak, the splendid 17th-century octagonal minaret, is reminiscent of the Renaissance architecture. Its blue-green stone and tile work decoration resemble the Andalusia region of Spain. The catacombs are the surprise for the visitors of this attraction. These were not shelters for the living, but for the dead. There are many tunnels stretching for more than 5 km and containing 15,000 graves. Many believe that the catacombs were built as hiding areas for Christians during the time of persecution under the Romans. Most of the people in Tunisia are unaware of the country's past as a Christian country.


Must See

  • Splendid 17th-century octagonal minaret reminiscent of Renaissance architecture
  • Medina’s monumental piece of Ottoman architecture
  • Its blue-green stone and tilework decoration resemble the Andalusia region of Spain
  • Catacombs are a great surprise to many visitors
  • Catacombs remind of Tunisia's past as a Christian country
  • Number of tunnels stretching into more than 5 km contains 15,000 graves
  • The Sunday Market is held near the entrance to the Catacombs  

How to reach

Take the light rail as it connects central Sousse by the medina (4 Station Sousse Bab Jdid) to Mahdia via Monastir. It stops along the way in various neighbourhoods in southern Sousse and the Monastir MIR IATA airport. There are buses, both public and private from the city every 30 minutes. Travelling by taxi will save time.


  • As Zaouia Zakkak is located in the Medina complex, it's easily accessible
  • You can go for a joint trip to all attractions of Medina including Zaouia Zakkak
  • Language is no problem in the Medina as all merchants and traders speak French, English, and German
  • You can buy souvenir gifts in the market
  • Beware of counterfeit designer goods as these are sold in large quantity in the Medina

Visit Time

Day                Opening                  Closing

Sunday              8am                     5pm

Monday              8am                     5pm

Tuesady             8am                     5pm

Wednesday           8am                     5pm

Thursday            8am                     5pm 

Friday               8am                     5pm

Saturday            8am                     5pm

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