About Namirembe Cathedral

This Cathedral's actual name is Saint Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe. It is commonly known as Namirembe Cathedral. The Diocese is founded in the Church of Uganda province in the year 1890. This historic cathedral is the main Anglican place of worship in Buganda since Bishop Alfred Tucker established the offices of the Diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa in 1890. This is the fifth church building ever since the church was established. The first building was abandoned since it is constructed in a swampy area, also the number of people needed to be accommodated increased. The roof of the second building got blown away in the thunderstorm and the church got destroyed. Then the third building was constructed for a capacity of 4,000 people but was abandoned due to fear of termites. The fourth building was destroyed due to a fire accident. The present church building is the fifth building. There is a lot of history contained within the walls of the cathedral. Right from the graveyard outside to various parts of the cathedral inside. It's supremely beautiful for not only the architecture but also for its location, and part of the reason why the Ugandan elite uses the cathedral for ceremonies and weddings. For the religious faithful, this is a must visit. This place is known for its serene environment and peacefulness. Namirembe refers to a sit of peace in the Luganda dialect. Set on one of Kampala's hill, this splendid cathedral is a prominent beacon for Christianity.

Must See

  • It sits on top of a hill and has some of the very best views. You can see the whole of Kampala from here.
  • The cathedral, as well as the burial grounds, feature few plaques with stories.
  • The grounds are quite nice with interesting archways which would be nice for a photo shoot.
  • Large stained glass windows filtered in the late afternoon sunlight.

How to reach

It's 5.7 km from the city center and takes 18 minutes to reach there. Take a boda-boda to reach there. The fare is 3000 UGX.


  • Take a guided tour to know the history of the church.
  • Photography is not allowed inside the church.
  • Wear comfortable shoes since you need to walk a lot.
  • Carry drinking water as it is not available.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • For 10 shillings, you get a tour of the small museum of old photographs, as well as inside the church.

Visit Time

Sunday: Open 24 Hours

Monday: Open 24 Hours

Tuesday: Open 24 Hours

Wednesday: Open 24 Hours

Thursday: Open 24 Hours

Friday: Open 24 Hours

Saturday: Open 24 Hours

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For 10 shillings, you get a tour of the small museum of old photographs, as well as inside the church.

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