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Officially the Republic of Albania, this country is located in Southwest Europe within the Mediterranean Sea. From snow-capped mountains in the Albanian Alps to the sunny coasts of the Albanian Adriatic along the Mediterranean Sea, the country offers a remarkable variety of landscapes. 

Albania is a history lovers’ delight with its various castles and archaeological sites. One of the cheapest countries in Europe, the country is safe and tourist-friendly. Declared independent in 1912, Albania has always been an enigma to travelers, as it was closed to outsiders for most of the 20th century. The first set of visitors in 1991 was enchanted by the stunning mountains, castles and the dreamy beaches. The country has managed to retain their ethnic identity, cultural heritage and individuality even while appreciating western technology and culture. 

With the North Albanian Alps, covering the northern part of the country, this heavily forested and sparsely populated part of the country is the most rugged. The river Drin is the longest river of Albania at 175 miles. The mild coastal climate of the country attracts lots of migratory birds such as ducks, geese, swallows, and storks. The Albanian coastal waters are abundant in fishes like sardines and mullets, one can even find trouts in the streams and lakes of the mountains.

Plan your visit now as the count of tourists is still a tiny-trickle and explore the remnants of half-forgotten ancient Greek and Roman sites.




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