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Historic edifices, musical enchantment, from gastronomical treats to multicultural pursuits the city of Brussels is an exotic amalgamation of all. Indulging in the best homemade chocolates and feasts to world-class savory Waffles the sweetness in the city never seems to end. With around 200 days of rain every year, the city flourishes well with the best of weather and climatic conditions. Acclaimed globally for its beer, chocolates, and culinary expertise its a paradise for food connoisseurs. Internationally, the unofficial capital of the European Union and locally a bilingual city it serves as a  bridge between the Dutch-speaking Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia regions. English is the new favorite second language and has even added a word to the English dictionary - Brusselization. To witness the Worlds most beautiful square, "The Grand Place". With a temperate climate of cool summers and moderate winters, the city is ready to welcome you with the pleasant weather all year round.

Public Transport System

Train, Tram, Bus, Metro and Waterbus.

Cleanliness and Efficiency

Cleanliness: High, Efficiency: Moderate.

Mode & Cost of Transports

Metro - € 2.10 for 1 hour

Bus- € 2.50  for 1 hour

Tram- € 2.50 for 1hour


Basic Items & Cost

Name Price
Water Bottle USD 1.21
Cup of Coffee USD 3.62
Milk Carton Pack USD 1.21
Rice/Kg USD 3.62
White Bread USD 2.41
Eggs (12) USD 3.62
Combo Meal USD 9.64
Fine Dining USD 78.33
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi USD 4.82
Domestic Beer USD 1.21
Imported Beer USD 2.41
Bottle of Wine USD 8.44
Cigarettes (20 Pack) USD 8.44
Taxi ( 1 km ) USD 2.41
Ticket in local transport (Single way). USD 2.41
Rent ( One Bed Room) USD 1024.34


  • Walk around, as Brussels is relatively small and you can walk to places of interest and restaurants.
  • Choose your footwear wisely, most of the roads are paved with cobblestones and could get slippery if it rains.
  • Discover the local MUSEUMS, Trappist BEERS, and street food!
  • Belgium has a wide variety of festivals, the main ones are the being Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, and Tomorrowland. Tickets sell out very fast so be on time and grab your tickets first.
  • Do buy your ticket before you get on the train. Purchasing on the train will cost you more and might cause you a fine. Fill in your go pass before entering the train.
  • Giving a tip is a polite thing to do but give it only when you find the service exemplary.


  • Don’t drink heavy beers from the bottle as it looks silly.
  • Don’t ask any questions aggressively just be polite before asking something.
  • Don’t give a tip to your waiter as it is not required nor expected. They are paid adequately.
  • Don’t drink Cara Pils and expect it to be a ’Belgian beer’ as so many Erasmus students have it cause it’s cheap.
  • When someone rings at your door and asks you a glass of water, then give them as it is illegal in Belgium to deny anyone with a glass of tap water.
  • Don’t drink alcohol in public places as it is not allowed.

Night Life

Brussels is a city where Fun is invariably Happening, no stop in Entertainment and craziness is in the air irrespective of day or night. The area near the Grand Place is always being surrounded by many Pubs, and Bars offering live smashing music. The ravishing night markets tempt and allure visitors all over. The extraordinary "Music Village " adds thrill to the tune of music lovers. Some quirky bars like  "Madame Moustache" where you can enjoy circus-style carriage, barber-shop room, foosball table & live music evenings or  Guy Bar like the "La Reserve" are some a perfect choice to plan a night out. A cozy evening when friends enjoying some great music, wine and food are some of th best options Brussels has to offer past dark. 

Must See

  • One of the best Must See and cool attraction is Brussels is the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, It is an extravagant creation, complete with thirty pavilions connected to the prize of the complex, the Winter Gardens.

  • Parc Du Cinquantenaire- It is a large public leisure park which is in the Easternmost part of the EU Quarter.

  • City Museum- This place is said as "The Kings House" the building is a richly ornamented masterpiece to see.

  • Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée – Belgian Comic Strip Center--If you are a cartoon lover, then you may appreciate this museum which is specially dedicated to the comic strip. It is housed in the Waucquez Warehouse, which is a masterpiece in itself, designed by Art Nouveau architect, Victor Horta. There are around 5000 original drawings and an entire section to Belgium’s famous cartoon character hero – Tin Tin.

  •  Shopping: No city is ever completed without shopping If you are Antique lovers Rue de la Paille, Rue des Minimes, and Rue de Rollebeek are particularly may be interesting for you. Brussels has its own flea market – the Jeu De Balle Flea Market you can check out this one if you are interested in gems, secondhand goods, and period furniture bargains. How can someone forget about Belgium chocolates they are a must to buy. For pralines visit Chocolatier Mary, for a tearoom experience visit Wittamer and for a shop of exceptional displays try Pierre Marcolini.


  • Belgium is very famous for Beer Tasting. This can be an activity you can do.
  • Top chocolates are a must to have if you are in Brussels.
  • You can roam around to see the best of Brussels on an easy and convenient hop-on-hop-off sightseeing tour.
  • Waffle making sessions 
  • Belgian chocolate making workshop
  • Instant photo tour to learn about photography and camera.
  • Private walking tours
  • Visit to museums
  • Church visits and exhibitions.



No data available
  • Lace accessories
  • Glassware
  • Jewelry made by the local artisans.
  • Beers with glasses., Comics, Chocolates, and Candy for the family.
  • Snowglobes which are very classic
  • Brussels' Mascot - Manneken Pis statues, Manneken Pis statue inside a snowglobe
  •  Manneken Pis soap dispensers
  • Ashtrays, Corkscrews, and Keychains.
  • Antique Decors for the house.
  • Refrigerator magnet

Official Language

Dutch, French and German

Other Language


Spoken Language

Though French is widely spoken... Read more


Euro (EUR)


1.2 (Millions)

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Overcast Clouds 9.3°C

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09:19 AM (GMT +02:00)


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Electric socket

Type E
Type E ( 230 V 50 Hz)
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Airport Name / IATA Code

Brussels International Airport - BRU

Airport Name / IATA Code

Brussels South Charleroi Airport - CRL

Best time to visit

February, March, April, May, September and October.Best time to visit Brussels is in the months of February, March, April, May (spring season), September and October (fall season) so you can enjoy the pleasant weather and it will not be too crowded with tourists.

Moderate time to visit

June, July and August are good months to plan a visit because of the great hotel deals on offer.

Worst time to visit

November, December and January are the worst months to visit Brussels as they are the wettest and the coldest months of the year.


Start Tariff: EUR 3.00

1 Km. Tariff: EUR 1.85

1 Hour Waiting Tariff: EUR 30.00

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