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Canadian Dollar(CAD)
Partly sunny 23.9℃
11:20 AM (GMT -04:00)
Electric Socket
Type A (120 V 60 Hz.)... Read more

About Toronto

The city flanked by high-rise buildings and a skyline that stretches all the way into the clouds, Toronto has everything to offer. The capital city of the province of Ontario, Toronto rests on top of Lake Ontario, beaming beautifully in the sun. Toronto gets its name from the Huron word Toronto, which is a structure of trees placed in water to trap fish. Two major rivers run through here- namely; "the Don River" and "the Humber River" and are responsible for the lush green landscaping of the city. Toronto reaches out wide-armed welcoming visitors to taste, experience and get immersed in the city. Canadians are known for their hospitality and Toronto embodies this concept deep within, locals are easy to mingle with and don't mind occasionally going out of the way to help someone in need. Get packed, leave no stone unturned and get traveling to Toronto in the summers to enjoy the vibrant, eclectic and magnanimous side of North America.

Continent Country
North America Canada
Airport Name / IATA Code
Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ
Alternate Airport Name / IATA Code
YTZ Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

  • Time To Visit

Best time to visit
June, July, August, September, December. June, July, August and September are the best months as the weather is good and December is the festival season and for people who want to enjoy real cold weather.
Moderate time to visit
October, November, April and May.The weather is moderate during fall and spring.
Worst time to visit
January, February and March.It is very cold during this period, but if you are ski/ snow/ winter lover, this might be the best time to visit.
Month January February March April May June July August September October November December
Minimum temprature (℃) -7 -6 -2 4 10 15 18 17 13 7 2 -3
Maximum temprature (℃) -1 0 5 12 18 24 27 26 21 14 8 2
Rain fall (mm) 40 40 40 50 30 40 60 50 40 40 50 20
2.73 (Millions)
Official Language
English, French
Spoken Language
There is a significa... Read more
Other Language
Chinese, Italian, Pu... Read more
Start Tariff: CAD 4.... Read more




Public Transport
Basic Items And Cost
Name Price
Water Bottle USD 2.21
Cup of Coffee USD 2.94
Milk Carton Pack USD 2.21
Rice/Kg USD 2.94
White Bread USD 2.21
Eggs (12) USD 2.94
Combo Meal USD 8.10
Fine Dining USD 58.87
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi USD 1.47
Domestic Beer USD 5.89
Imported Beer USD 5.89
Bottle of Wine USD 14.72
Cigarettes (20 Pack) USD 11.04
Taxi ( 1 km ) USD 1.47
Ticket in local transport (Single way). USD 2.21
Rent ( One Bed Room) USD 1471.83
Do's And Don'ts
Night Life
Must See
  • Rage Room: Venting out anger with inanimate objects reveals an interesting concept of sorts.
  • The trip is indeed incomplete without exploring the restaurants, pubs and stores in the distillery district. Engage in food, just walking around and soaking in the vibrant local atmosphere.
  • Watch a play in the good-old truly royal Alexandra theatre.
  • There is a provision for cuddle parties in Toronto with experienced facilitators. Amidst chaos and fast track lives, this surely inspires.


No data available
Souvenir Suggestions
  • Canadian Maple Syrup
  • Tim Horton merchandise or just some snacks for the road
  • Coffee Mugs
  •  T-Shirts
  • Shot glasses
  • Postcards
  • Key Chains
  • Magnets of famous landmarks and buildings.
  • Framed butterflies.
  • Knitted sweaters for the holidays.
  • Hand blown earth glass vases.
  • Dream catchers that are kept above beds, as they are believed to attract dreams towards them.
  • Inukshuk figures have been used for generations by the Inuit as communication tools to aid in survival.

Tourist attractions in Toronto


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