About West Lake

West Lake is a sombre subterranean, calm and perfectly transparent lake located in the middle of the city and is the most beautiful sight in Hangzhou. West Lake is divided into five sections, two by mountains and three by causeways. The lake is flanked by gardens, pagodas, temples and bridges. For a day to discover the unique fauna and flora around the lake take a walk around and indulge in the local tradition of evening walks and pensive thinking.

Muse to many authors and artists throughout Chinese ancient history and depicted as one of the most inspiring and romantic spots, West Lake, is an alluring and pristine freshwater lake,a true gift from Mother Nature to the People of Hangzhou, China, as well as tourists and composers coming from different parts of the world. Its second-to-none- beauty emits stunning reflections of the flora and the fauna of the surrounding fairy-tale-like landscaping, turning it into a magic place to get inspired. Whether you are in for a hike, an artist looking for inspiration or a soul in search of a quiet place filled with extraordinary natural elements, you will instantly feel uplifted and overwhelmingly connected to the deepest tranquility of a lake that sparkles throughout its entire extension.

Must See

  • Temples, Pagodas and gardens surrounding the lake.
  • The three connecting causeways.
  • Artificial islands within the lake.
  • Flora and fauna around the lake.
  • Lingyin Temple
  • West Lake Museum
  • Galloping Tiger Spring
  • Tomb of Su Xiaoxiao

How to reach

It is 4.4 kms away from the city center.

You can reach there by Bus.

  • Take buses No.K4, 504, tourist lines No.1, 2, 3, 5, or holiday lines No.1, 4, 5, 7 and get off at Su Di ( Su Causeway) or Hua Gang (Flower Pond);

Bus Fare: 2 Yuan/every 10 km


  • It is often rainy in Hangzhou, so you’d better bring an umbrella with you if you go outside. 
  • Rent a bicycle for a whole day and ride it along the causeways at RMB 1 yuan for a different experience. 
  • To make your tour easy, you may download a mobile app and register in just five minutes and you are ready to go. 
  •  Hangzhou is famous for the green tea, Long Jing, and is also famous for the cuisine called "fried pawn with Long Jing tea leaves", a special dish with a light taste and fragrant of green tea, try them all.
  • It isn't really possible to walk around the lake and the sites are scattered around so consider hiring a driver for the day. 
  • Not many folks speak Englis here.
  •  There are KFCs, Mcdonalds outlets near the lake (near the Broken Bridge area).
  • Start earlier in winter as it gets dark by 6 pm.
  • The most popular biking/walking avenues are Su Causeway and Bai Causeway which can be explored through bicycle renting services.
  • This can be applied through a public transportation card.
  • No motor vehicles are allowed so they are quite safe for biking and walking.
  • Children need to be accompanied at all times.
  • Wheelchair accessibility is available.
  • Strollers can be carried for toddlers.
  • Visit during the evening times.
  • Credit cards are accepted.

Visit Time

Sunday: Open 24 Hours

Monday: Open 24 Hours

Tuesday: Open 24 Hours

Wednesday: Open 24 Hours

Thursday: Open 24 Hours

Friday: Open 24 Hours

Saturday: Open 24 Hours

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Waiting Time

It takes time for entrance as you will need to wait for security check.


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Time you can spend

3 to 4 hours


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Clear Sky 29.04°C


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