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Natures Paintboard, Iceland can be summarised as an immaculate unadulterated illustration of mother nature. This island country sitting on the crown of the globe is creators playground, with continuous volcanic activity, Glacier movements, sudden geyser gush, hot springs and mud pools,  soaring mountains and hills, lush green pathways, red and black sand coastlines all disseminate how adroitly nature expresses its powerful existence. 

The long coastlines, geothermal lagoons, glimmering glacier, crisp cold winds, the magical charms of aurora borealis, the opulence of the midnight sun, every corner of this magnificent land exudes beauty and splendor. 

The land gives vent to the poet's imagination and writers’ fascinations, no doubt more writers per capita are born here than any other place on the globe.

The country boasts equally of its rich cultural heritage, splendid cuisines, heritage handicrafts, music and performing arts.

Reykjavík, the capital city, West Fjords, East Fjords, Akureyri are cities that encapture tourists with intriguing museums, historical sagas, botanical gardens, and national parks.

The Icelanders are applauded with very modern and logical thinking and religiously work on a green sustainable environment.

The unpredictable polar weather and low temperatures are never a reason for localities to impede ardor and cohesiveness towards the travelers visiting here.

Iceland, one needs to be here to marvel the unceasing, unimaginable grace of nature !!!!!!!




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