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India, the very name conjures up images of a tourist's haven with its colorful sights, myriad ecosystems, picture-perfect beauteous marvels etched for posterity, vibrant and frenzied metros, lip-smacking culinary masterpieces, serene religious hubs, world-famous historical sights, to-die-for beaches, and rapids...the list can go on as India is too vast to be contained in a nutshell. It serves as a perfect microcosm of the world and juxtaposes and beautifully blends tradition with the modern, ancient beliefs with cutting edge realities. From the snow-clad slopes of the Himalayas to the tropical, sun-kissed beaches at Kanyakumari, from the colorful attires and splendid architectural marvels at Gujarat to the mesmeric, feisty festivities at the cultural hotbed of Kolkata, India is a veritable kaleidoscope of the very best.

Take a short vacation or an extended one... Spend a day visiting the sights in Delhi or take a month to explore the country. India has a history of almost mythic proportions, from holy places to ancient forts, from spectacular palaces to awe-inspiring fountains and gardens, India is bound to impress and inspire all. Witness the red sandstone palaces and forts open their gates to visitors who want to take a trip back in time. The Red Fort, Golden Temple, Agra Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, and Golconda Fort will transport you to another realm. Imagine invading armies on elephants, trying to storm the gates. Visit the Taj Mahal, the Qutub Complex, and Humayun’s Tomb to honor the Emperors of India. Be sure to go on your own pilgrimage to the Brihadishwara Temple to see the Shiva Linga, the Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple to leave a lock of hair, or pay homage at the Sun Temple. From astronomical inventions at the Jantar Mantar to the modern Lotus Temple, human ingenuity will impress even the most discerning visitor. Structures like the Gateway to India and the Victoria Memorial will feed your imagination even as you are welcomed to India.

Let loose your inhibitions, get set to enjoy to the hilt, and explore and experience the sights, the sounds, the aromas and the tickle of the taste buds of this magical nation right from its glitzy, uber-cool urban hangouts, to the sylvan, tranquilizing backwaters, from the highest motorable road in the world to the very depths of the ocean at the Andamans, from the raucous, loud and flashy night clubs to the soothing calm of natural retreats, and from the fiery, eye-popping sensations of the spices to the cool, thirst relieving sweetness of the tender coconut. Even as India today, stands proud on the threshold of becoming a Super Power, in spite of the eons of subjugation and the ravages faced through the ages one cannot help but marvel at her magical, magnetic allure as a visit here can never ever be just a vacation; in all probability, it would culminate in becoming the destination!



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