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Saudi Arabia or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes up for a major chunk of the Arabian Peninsula and is governed by a unitary Islamic monarchy. It is a country with an incredible display of religious belief and tradition and is home to Mecca and Medina, the holiest of cities for the followers of Islam. The country is home to five UNESCO heritage sights. Red and orange of the undulating sand dunes typically come to mind when Saudi is made mention of. Home of the Prophets Muhammad and Moses, the citizens of Saudi Arabia have built mosques from the most humble to the most dazzling. They are found on some of the holiest sites in the country. It is a place where the living honor their ancestors and the dead, and hope for the return of a more peaceful time.

Saudi Arabia has immense reserves of crude oil and is the highest exporter of oil across the world. Though traditional in outlook Saudi has futuristic, cities like Riyadh and is teeming with opulent beach resorts dotting the Red Sea coastline. A very conservative country that clamps down hard when it comes to clothing. Tourists are advised to compulsorily follow the strict rules or be levied with hefty fines.

Get a peek into ordinary life at the fish market, or see how the wealthy had deliveries brought into their home on camelback. One can be sure to come across ancient mud villages still standing in the mountains. Battle the elements while camping in the desert. Man-made beaches grace the shoreline with family-oriented parks. If you want to get a hands-on experience of Muslim conservatism, brush up your Arabic, pack in your most conservative and modest attire and plan your trip to Saudi Arabia.





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