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Faith fosters miracles and leads to the unimaginable. Strength of the belief in Islam compels Muslims to the abode of the God 'Mecca'. Synonymous to faith and credence,  Mecca is Islam’s holiest city. The birthplace of  Prophet Muhammed, a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime is recommended for anyone following Islam. Situated in the desert valley of Saudi Arabia, the place is strictly for Muslim visitors only. Millions of Muslims travel to Mecca to conduct their pilgrimage called the Hajj. The 'Kaaba' a religious structure at Mecca – all Muslim prayers are done facing the Kaaba. The birthplace of sacred Islamic prophet Muhammed, Mecca is visited by millions of Muslims during the annual Hajj and several hundred pour into the city during off seasons for Umrah: another sacred pilgrimage performed by the Muslims there. People prefer to go to various mosques in Mecca for regular prayers. A tranquil, harmonious city, Mecca is described as a religious hub and an overwhelming lifetime experience from all the Muslims devotees who visit to seek solace. 

Public Transport System

Taxi , Buses, Mini buses, Metro.

Cleanliness and Efficiency

Cleanliness- High. Efficiency- Medium.

Mode & Cost of Transports


Taxi: 10 SAR/km

Bus: 10 SAR/km

Mini-bus: 35 SAR/km

Metro (between Mecca to Medina): 110 SAR/455 km

Metro (between Mecca to Jeddah): 20 SAR/89 km

Airplane (Mecca to Medina): 726 SAR/Flight

Basic Items & Cost

Name Price
Water Bottle SAR 2.00
Cup of Coffee SAR 9.00
Milk Carton Pack SAR 5.00
Rice/Kg SAR 6.00
White Bread SAR 1.00
Eggs (12) SAR 7.00
Combo Meal SAR 21.00
Fine Dining SAR 10.00
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi SAR 2.00
Domestic Beer SAR 3.00
Imported Beer SAR 4.00
Bottle of Wine SAR 0.00
Cigarettes (20 Pack) SAR 17.00
Taxi ( 1 km ) SAR 10.00
Ticket in local transport (Single way). SAR 3.00
Rent ( One Bed Room) SAR 900.00

Do’s -

• Men should wear the Ihram and women should wear the Burqa while visiting. 

• Wear comfortable but light sandals which are easy to put on and take off.

• Get a string bag to carry your footwear inside mosques.

• Use lip cream as it will get dry.  A good moisturizer is essential along with sun cream.

• Be careful of the SAR riyals, as some of them look the same with different denominations.

• If you need to exchange your currencies, exchangers are the most busy right after any Salah prayers.

• To get your sim card, you need a passport.

• Carry some small snacks as travelling may make you hungry.

• Make sure you eat healthy food. The Clock Tower for the court area is a good, clean place for eating.

• Watch out for thieves and pickpockets who enter the Haram. 

• In Mecca, there is no proper eatery in the immigration lounge or anywhere near the area.

• There are special queues for the elderly, women, and kids

• In Mecca everything closes during salat (prayer time). Salat is strictly enforced, and can last up to 30 minutes.

•Many hotels don’t provide English service, so do your research beforehand.

• It is better to purchase all clothing that will be worn in Saudi Arabia online so that you can to step off the plane already dressed in traditional wear.

• Some rules in Saudi Arabia might seem very harsh, but it’s highly recommend that these rules be followed

• Be cautious when speaking in public as many controversial subjects are punishable under the law.

Don’ts -

• Do not try to argue with the staff as it can make matters worse.

• Carrying big bags inside the Masjid is prohibited to ensure that you don’t carry one.

• If you don’t know about how to do the Umrah, ask someone how to do it as it’s a religious thought.

• If you are sensitive to light bring sunglasses as it gets very bright at the Kaaba.

• There is not much food in the airport so if possible, bring foods and drinks from a cheap place.

• Bring an extra set of Ihram in case one gets dirty or you sweat too much.

• Travelling from Jeddah to Mecca takes a decent taxi or bus. Avoid shabby looking automobiles.

• In Mecca, a lot of construction goes on and there is also a lot of traffic so be careful while crossing streets.

• If you are a woman and planning to travel, it is highly recommended not to travel alone.

• The Mutaween (Saudi Arabian Religious Police) have all the rights to stop foreigners and demand proof that they are married.

• Men should wear conservative clothes that are not compromised of any gold or silk.

• Don’t wear shorts at the beach.

• Photographs should not be taken unless explicit permission has been provided by the owner of what is being photographed.

• If you are visiting Riyadh stay away from Deera Square on Friday afternoons as this is when most of the public executions take place. Foreigners are not welcome at these events.

Night Life

Mecca is a religious city with travelers from all over the world visiting the Kaaba. Keeping the spiritual and religious aspect of the country in mind, nightclubs and bars are not authorized in the state. The sale and consumption of substances are completely prohibited, so unlike other cities, the nightlife in Mecca simply consists of the numerous shopping options available after sunset. All of the shopping centers, restaurants and bazaars in Mecca are open until midnight. Some high-end hotels have exclusive cafes to cater to tourists coming to the city. Since Saudi law forbids the sale and consumption of alcohol, bars do not serve alcohol. The city is all about spreading peace and religious values amongst the strong believers.


Must See

Visit Mecca during Hajj.

• Circle the Kaaba, and kiss the Black Stone which is in the center of the Grand Mosque, according to tradition.

• Visit Abal al-Nour, “The Mountain of Light” or “Hill of Illumination” houses a cave where Prophet Muhammad spent a great deal of time meditating and he received his first revelation from God by the archangel Gabriel inside.


  • Visit King Abdul-Aziz Athletic City: a large, multi-purpose stadium in Mecca used to host football matches.
  • Enjoy the fast food below the Clock Tower.
  • Participate in Mecca auctions.
  • Discover the cave of Thor.
  • Learn to cook traditional food of Mecca.
  • Go scuba diving.
  • Have a look at the Al Wahba Crater, which is a volcanic crater.
  • Visit the Fakieh Aquarium.
  • Visit the Taif zoo.



Silver sands Beach
Silver sands Beach North Obhor, jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
135 kms
Taif Zoo
Taif Zoo As Sadad,Taif 26514, Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
96 kms
Al Homaid Zoo
Al Homaid Zoo Dhahran Jubail expy, Saihat 32462 ,Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
1200 kms
Royal Greens country and golf club
Royal Greens country and golf club, Al Murooj,King Abdullah Economic city, Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
184 kms
Saudi safari desert camp
Bahra Jeddah 22641,Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
111 kms
King salman safari park
Riyadh 13471, Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
900 kms
Jeddah Water Front Park
Jeddah Water Front Park, Cornische Road,Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
110 kms
Safari new camp
Ar Rayaan,Jeddah 23741,Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
104 kms
Safari group head office
King Abdul-Aziz International Airport ,Jeddah 23721, Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
114 kms
Nofa Golf Resort
Nofa Golf Resort Exit 862,New Mecca Highway P.O. Box 66223, Tibrak Al Riyad,Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
773 kms
DirabGolf and Country club
DirabGolf and Country club, Dirab Road Riyadh 11411, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
840 kms
Safa golf club
Safa golf Club, KAUST, Thuwal, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
170 kms
Riyadh zoo
Malaz, Al Ihsa Road, Riyadh 12832, Saudi Arabia
Distance From City Center
873 kms


No data available

.• A Prayer Mat, Prayer Beads, Holy Qurans and bottles of Zamzam (only if the gift-reciever is Muslim).

• Light and soft mat made from cashmere.

• Gold in Makkah is known for its high Quality and value. You can purchase necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles with local designs.

•  Traditional clothing items such as thawbs/thobes or abayas and hijabs.

•  Real oud perfume, made from the wood of the tropical agar trees. It is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world it is available at a reasonable cost in Makkah.

• A natural toothbrush known as miswaak 

• Buy some ajwa Dates, which are grown in Medina and were said to be favoured by the Prophet Muhammed.

•  Dried fruits, spices, and chocolates.

Official Language


Other Language

Tagalog, Rohingya, Urdu.

Spoken Language

Road signs in Mecca are in Ara... Read more


Saudi Riyal (SAR)


1.9 (Millions)

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Clear Sky 29.91°C

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05:09 AM (GMT +03:00)


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Electric socket

Type A
Type A (120 V 60 Hz.)
Type B
Type B (120 V 60 Hz.)
Type C
Type C ( 220 V 50 Hz)
Type G
Type G ( 230 V 50 Hz)
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Airport Name / IATA Code

King Abdul-Aziz International Airport - JED

Airport Name / IATA Code

TIF - Taif Regional Airport

Best time to visit

January, February, March, October, November, December:The temperatures is moderate and you can enjoy going out to the beaches and enjoy other outdoor activities in comfortable weather.

Moderate time to visit

April, May, June, September:The temperature during these months start to get a little balmy. However, hotel prices are slashed, making it a cheaper time to visit.

Worst time to visit

July, August:The temperature will soar well above 30 degrees centigrade some days and might be unbearably hot. It's not advised to visit during this time.


Start Tariff: SAR 5.00

1 Km. Tariff: SAR 10.00

1 Hour Waiting Tariff: SAR 32.50

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