About Johannesburg

Johannesburg, Jozi or Jo'berg, is the golden beating heart of South Africa. This largest city of the country has progressed in such a fast pace that it has transformed from a small population to a fully fledged urban city despite the huge devastation of wars faced in the past. The city hosts a great place for relaxing drinks and dinners on the streets of Parkhurst and Greenside, or on the rooftop of 54 on Bath in Rosebank. Feel the green lavish beauty of nature reserve and Botanical Gardens and enjoy your picnic with your loved ones. The city offers a lot from shopping, dining, nightlife, casinos, close wildlife encounters to interesting historical sites. It is a reservoir of superb museums, mostly offering deep insight into South Africa's troubled past. Taste the thrill and adventure after hiking on difficult treks, bungee jumping, and adrenaline rides. Explore the caves or visit a traditional village to know about the culture followed by suburban Africans. For your rumbling tummy, the city offers fine dining restaurants, snacks eating joints, hip-hop cafe and local market food. If you're a shopping addict bring an extra, empty suitcase. The city has lots of malls, open-air markets and places that blend the two. You'll find plenty of unique souvenirs. Come and be lost in a trip of a lifetime. 

Public Transport System

Metrorayl system: Gautrain rapid-rail , Rovos Rail , Shongololo Express , Blue train ; Rea Vaya bus service, TransLux bus , Greyhound bus, InterCape, bus , and tuk tuks .

Cleanliness and Efficiency

Efficiency: Moderate to High, Cleanliness:High

Mode & Cost of Transports

City Sightseeing Bus: A one-day ticket costs R170, and R130 online for adults; children between five and 15 pay R80. For a two-day ticket, adults pay R270, and R230 online, children between five and 15 pay R170. A combined Red City Tour and Soweto Tour one-day ticket is R420, and R350 online; a two-day ticket R520, and R450 online. Children under five ride for free. Buses are every 40 minutes from Monday to Friday, and every 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday.

Tuk-Tuks: Base Fare- R30.

Gautrain: Gautrain Gold Card at any station and top it up at the kiosk or vending machine. Each Gautrain station is linked to a series of Gautrain feeder buses which can be paid for by Gold Card. If you use the train within one hour of the bus, the bus fare is R1–6, otherwise it costs R14–19. Trains run daily at intervals of 12–30 minutes.

Tuk-tuks: R30

Basic Items & Cost

Name Price
Water Bottle ZAR 14.00
Cup of Coffee ZAR 26.00
Milk Carton Pack ZAR 16.00
Rice/Kg ZAR 21.00
White Bread ZAR 13.00
Eggs (12) ZAR 31.00
Combo Meal ZAR 60.00
Fine Dining ZAR 130.00
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi ZAR 14.00
Domestic Beer ZAR 18.00
Imported Beer ZAR 27.00
Bottle of Wine ZAR 70.00
Cigarettes (20 Pack) ZAR 45.00
Taxi ( 1 km ) ZAR 15.00
Ticket in local transport (Single way). ZAR 25.00
Rent ( One Bed Room) ZAR 6310.00


  • Don’t be impolite.

  • Don’t walk alone at night.

  • Don’t leave your garbage around.

  • Don’t drive through the TRANSKEI OR GAUTENG PROVINCES alone as some serious incidences occurred here in past.

  • Don’t ask for directions from strange boys.

  • Avoid Downtown Joburg which has seen an influx of Nigerian drug dealers

  • Don’t flash out your expensive items.

  • Don’t stick to malls only, explore the flea markets. 

  • Don’t forget a swimsuit as it’s too hot during the summer, so relaxing in the pool is required.


  • Do talk to the taxi drivers to get to know more about the place.

  • Do go clubbing to freshen up your mind between hectic traveling.

  • Do have an open mind and be ready for  "abnormalities".

  • Do take the taxi to avoid drive in congested traffic and hustle of navigation.

Night Life

Johannesburg's nightlife is legendary and should definitely be a part of your to-do list while visiting the city. It is intense and vibrant and every type of entertainment is available from hipster bars and dancing clubs, to historic pubs and bar districts. Come to enjoy wild, high octane nights. Enjoy the salsa nights, or a vintage Friday with lots of crowd of smiling faces and meet new and fascinating people. Many bars offer live music by passionate musicians. A bar named "The Orbit" is the home of the best jazz in Johannesburg.  To get undisturbed fun of dancing there is a club named "And club" strictly follow the rule of a “no-phone-zone” where people disconnect from cyberspace and focus on the fun of dancing. Try out Kiltsgras Drumming, authentic traditional drumming in Africa. If you are fond of cinema there is a place named "The Bioscope" that offers a wide variety of themes of movies with a rustic, classic feel. Take a box of popcorn, sit back and let the tape roll and enjoy. There are bars where entrepreneurs and modern-day pioneers can connect, network and create. “A common place for uncommon people”. While sipping your drink get some innovative inspiration. Relax with your loved ones with a drink in your hand on the streets of Parkhurst and Greenside, or on the rooftop of 54 on Bath in Rosebank. If you are not fond of drinks you can enjoy a variety of delicious food along with live Jazz music in the night. The menu will offer you a huge list of food to satisfy your hunger. 

Must See

  • The Cradle of humankind: Museum is entitled as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is located at Gauteng, about 50 odd kilometers from Johannesburg. The place is believed to be the origin of the human race and you get to see a million years old fossil called Australopithecus Africans or Mrs Ples here. 

  • Visit Mandela’s Shadow Boxer statue: Statue is a symbol of the freedom struggle in honor of former president Nelson Mandela. He was an enthusiastic boxer whose photograph of practicing the sport became an iconic image. This image is converted into a steel statue residing in the building housed the former offices of Mandela & Tambo Attorneys, the first black law firm in the country.

  • WITS planetarium in Braamfontein: Resides on the university’s grounds, the planetarium hosts interesting and educational shows on the projector for both adults and children. The best part of the show is when visitors are shown the stars above them with all clarity, something that seems a unique experience. 

  • Sterkfontein Caves: Caves are classified as World Heritage Site and home to ancient fossils over a million years old. You'll get the knowledge about the precursors to modern humans and the Maropeng Centre offers insight into the development of the world. Keep in mind you’ve got to be relatively fit for the caves tour which requires a bit of climbing, bending and crawling. Ensure to wear comfortable shoes and practical clothing.

  • Visit the aviary at Montecasino, Midrand: It's a natural habitat to more than 60 species of birds, as well as small mammals and reptiles. While walking in the aviary you will get the opportunity to see beautiful birds as well as small animals such as meerkats, blue duikers, and bats. It includes a frog room and a parrot gallery too. It is undoubtedly a hidden paradise in the city.

  • The Ka’Ching Tour: Get the opportunity to explore the place which will take you back in the days of early mining when gold was discovered here. 

  • Catch a show at The Soweto theatre: Theatre hosts a variety of shows from Soweto Fashion Week to musical performances and handled by famous playwrights. It has three performance venues. Its unique architecture feels like some home in the area, almost as if it has always been there. 

  • Neighborhood market: It's a market with everything. The place showcases the diversity and richness of South Africa's cultural heritage found in food and drinks from all continents, crafts, and music. It tends to be crowded but that is what gives it its unique vibe - people from all races and walks of life mingling and enjoying their rich heritage.

  • Sheds@1Fox: Fashionable new market on the block. The Sheds at 1Fox is worth exploring. It has been renovated from old storage sheds of the old era. Place hosts with a variety of fabulous food stalls, a musically-orientated bar called the Good Luck Bar, which presents talented musicians including Laurie Levine and Josie Field. Enjoy shopping lekker local crafts and goods available.


  • Hot air balloon rides in Johannesburg: Grab the opportunity with your loved one and enjoy the ride in the sky. Get soaked in the best 360-degree view of Jo’berg without pushing your way through crowds. All in all, a nice spot to get away from the city without actually getting away from it.  

  • Hennops Hiking Trail: Thrill with Hennops hiking trail with easy going grasslands, clusters of small trees, gorges and rocky plateaus and spend a day in the lap of nature.

  • Bungee Jumping at Orlando Tower: Passionate thrill lovers are welcome here. The place offers adrenaline junkies to do bungee jumping, abseil, freefall or power swing from the top of the towers. The two towers in Orlando, 8 miles from Jo’berg, are unique sight with their cool and whacky designs. Enjoy the place walking across the narrow bridge between the two structures and have amazing photographs.

  • Magaliesberg Canopy Tour: Come and thrill in an action-packed eco-adventure. While trekking enjoy aerial sightseeing journey of the world’s oldest mountain range.

  • Relaxing boat ride on Zoo Lake in Parkview: The main attraction of the beautiful zoo is rowboats. Once you are on the lake, you don't feel like going somewhere else. The quaint boats can be rented from the Lions Boating Club (situated opposite Moyo restaurant) for a very small fee. Pack handy snacks in a basket, a blanket, and some books and enjoy the ride with your loved ones. To avoid waiting in queue make sure to book your rowboat before a couple of hours.

  • Bounce around at the trampoline park in Fourways: Come on back to your childhood and spend hours bouncing on trampolines and work out simultaneously.  If you are competitive, enhance your thrill by booking a dodge ball or slam dunk tournament and enjoy.

  • Eat at Pata Pata in Maboneng: Fashionable young crowd hub and a great spot for having afternoon cocktails and mingling with the locals. The food is amazing and the locals are trendy. The live jazz music adds on the ambiance. Jazz music dominates the cosmopolitan street and attracts people from all over the area. 


Blizzard Skiing
25 Valk Ave, Fourways, Johannesburg, 2055,
Distance From City Center
33.8 Kms
Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club
1 Fairway Ave, Linksfield North, Johannesburg, 2192,
Distance From City Center
9.4 Kms
Emperor's Palace
64 Jones Rd, O.R. Tambo, Kempton Park, 1620
Distance From City Center
22.7 Kms
Avalanche Ski Slop
Cedar Rd, Fourways, Johannesburg South, 2068,
Distance From City Center
30.1 Kms
5 Dagenham Rd, Benoni, 1500 SA
Distance From City Center
30.8 Kms
Haughton Golf Club
Osborn Rd, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198, SA
Distance From City Center
4.9 Kms
The Beach
70 Juta St, Johannesburg, 2000
Distance From City Center
3.3 Kms
Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club
1 Fairway Ave, Linksfield North, Johannesburg, 2192,
Distance From City Center
9.4 Kms
Montecasino Blvd, Fourways, Sandton, 2055,
Distance From City Center
40.7 Kms
Impi Safari
289 Lister Rd, Rembrandt Park, Johannesburg, 2090, SA
Distance From City Center
14.4 Kms


Shopping Malls
44 Stanley Ave, Braamfontein Werf, Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa
Distance From City Center
5.1 kms
27 Boxes
Shopping Malls
74 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2109, South Africa
Distance From City Center
8.2 kms
Barter buy antique
Antique Markets
167 Queen St, South Kensington, Johannesburg, 2094 SA
Distance From City Center
5.1 Kms
Millers Antique
Antique Markets
62 Siemert Rd, Doornfontein, 2000, SA
Distance From City Center
1.8 Kms
44 Stanly
Flea Markets and Bazaars
44 Stanley Ave, Braamfontein Werf, Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa
Distance From City Center
7.4 Kms
Market on Main
Flea Markets and Bazaars
264 Fox St, Maboneng, Johannesburg, 2094
Distance From City Center
2.2 Kms
Merlose Arch
Flea Markets and Bazaars
60 Melrose Blvd, Melrose North, Johannesburg, 2076, Africa de Sud) 44 Stanly
Distance From City Center
9.2 Kms
The Bridge Shopping Centre
Flea Markets and Bazaars
King George St, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa
Distance From City Center
2.9 Kms
Rosebank Art & Craft Market
Handicrafts and Souviners
Cradock Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196, SA
Distance From City Center
9.2 Kms
Oriental Plaza
Shopping Malls
38-60 Lilian Ngoyi St, Fordsburg, Johannesburg, 2092,
Distance From City Center
5.3 Kms

African Craft Get an Exotic and unique collection of African arts and craft products, or African animal skins and horns.

  • Artisanal spirits from Time Anchor Distillery: Distillery produces a range of unique rums, gins, and other liqueurs and is situated in the trendy Aerial Empire complex in Maboneng.
  • Beautiful gold jewellery from Henriette Botha: Jo'berg is known as "The City of Gold". Pure gold is characteristic of Johannesburg and can be found in the form of beautiful jewellery pieces, from big manufacturers as well as independent designers.
  • A leather jacket from Vintage Zionist: It's a  clothing brand specialized in rock style leather jackets. Situated in Maboneng, the store creates fashionable jackets by recycling second-hand leather garments and old garments.
  • African craft from the Rosebank Sunday Market: The market is famous for its authentic African crafts and is the perfect place to invest in a special piece that will forever remind you of the city.
  • A Kruger Rand: A Kruger Rand is a piece of gold with historic value. Invest in this fantastic souvenir if you’re willing to spend a good amount of money.
  • Mandela memorabilia: Nelson Mandela, icons of the Nobel Peace Prize winner and freedom fighter are seen all over the city. To pay the tribute you must buy Mandela memorabilia, in the form of artwork, coasters, t-shirts, books and more available in most curio stores, galleries and markets in Johannesburg.
  • Ndebele art from Lesedi Cultural Village: You must visit the cultural village, situated in the historic Cradle of Humankind area and take some of the beautiful arts and crafts pieces– characteristic of the different cultures.
  •  Gold Coins: Kruger Rands and Mandela coins are popular places to procure these coins.
  • Diamonds: from R3,000 upwards for white or yellow gold and diamond rings in the beautiful country of South Africa.

  • Blue Bulls or Golden Lions Rugby Jerseys.

  • Biltong dried and spiced meat. A famous south African snack.

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Rand (ZAR)


4.4 (Millions)

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Clear Sky 21.1°C

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16:29 PM (GMT +02:00)


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Type C
Type C ( 220 V 50 Hz)
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Type N ( 230 V 50 Hz)
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Airport Name / IATA Code

O.R. Tambo - JNB

Best time to visit

March April, May: the weather is still warm while the crowds have gone and prices come down, so this would be the best time to visit Johannesburg. The Temperature is between 19° C (66°F) and 14°C (57°F) September October and November is a good time to visit Johannesburg. The weather is pleasant, the crowds have not yet arrived.The temperature is from 16°C (61°F) to 19°(66°F) Rainfall is low to none.

Moderate time to visit

December, January and February are a moderate time of the year to visit the City. Despite the rainfall, 5 inches (128 mm),the temperatures are between 20°C (68°F) and 21 ° C (70°F).

Worst time to visit

June, July, August are the worst time of the years to visit it. it is the coldest and driest time of the year.


Start Tariff: ZAR 20.00

1 Km. Tariff: ZAR 15.00

1 Hour Waiting Tariff: ZAR 100.00

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