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Ukrainian hryvnia(UAH)
Sunny 26.1℃
15:51 PM (GMT +03:00)
Electric Socket
Type C ( 220 V 50 Hz)... Read more

About Kiev

Alternative Titles: Kiyev, Kyiv, Kyyiv. 

Kiev, Ukrainian Kyiv, also spelled Kyyiv, Russian Kiyev, is the capital of Ukraine. Kiev is a beautiful city,  and along with being the capital, is the largest in Ukraine located on the Dnieper River, in the northern part country. Gorgeous Kiev is the largest cultural, political, socio-economic, transport, scientific, and religious center of Ukraine. Kiev is a city with an ancient and proud history. Because of its importance as the historical center of Rus, it is also known as “the mother of Russian towns”.  Kiev is the large industrial center of Ukraine and acts as the country's enterprise of light and food industries, printing, medicines, engineering, metallurgy, and aircraft building. The city stands on the Dnieper Riverand 951 km from the mouth of the black sea. The initial location was once the high and steep right bank, rising above the river in an imposing line of bluffs culminating in Batyyeva Hill, 100 meters above mean river level. 


Continent Country
Europe Ukraine
Airport Name / IATA Code
Kyiv Boryspil International Airport KBP
Alternate Airport Name / IATA Code
Kyiv (Zhuliany — Igor Sikorsky) International Airport (Kyiv) IEV

  • Time To Visit

Best time to visit
From April 30th onwards, through the months of May, June, July, August, September till October 7th is the best time to spend time in Kiev. The weather is the most pleasant during this time.
Moderate time to visit
From the 8th of October to November is a moderate season to visit. The winter starts setting in and it begins to get chilly around this time.
Worst time to visit
December, January, February, March and April: These three months are the coldest of the year and not an ideal time for visiting.
Month January February March April May June July August September October November December
Minimum temprature (℃) -7 -7 -2 4 10 13 14 13 9 4 -1 -4
Maximum temprature (℃) -2 1 6 12 20 23 24 23 19 12 4 0
Rain fall (mm) 40 40 40 50 50 100 100 60 70 40 50 50
2.88 (Millions)
Official Language
Spoken Language
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Public Transport
Basic Items And Cost
Name Price
Water Bottle USD 0.37
Cup of Coffee USD 1.11
Milk Carton Pack USD 0.89
Rice/Kg USD 1.00
White Bread USD 0.48
Eggs (12) USD 1.19
Combo Meal USD 3.71
Fine Dining USD 23.20
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi USD 0.48
Domestic Beer USD 0.93
Imported Beer USD 1.49
Bottle of Wine USD 3.71
Cigarettes (20 Pack) USD 1.49
Taxi ( 1 km ) USD 0.26
Ticket in local transport (Single way). USD 0.30
Rent ( One Bed Room) USD 519.01
Do's And Don'ts
Night Life
Must See

Ballooning in Kiev: 

A real thrilling and sensational experience in Kiev. This can be one of the most wonderful, memorable memories of a visiter, and for lovers of natural beauty. A short flight is also available at a height of four hundred meters. This fascinating fun form of travel can accommodate as many as six people in the balloon. A flight period is from half-hour to two hours. Normally, flights are conducted throughout the year. Hot air balloon ride are the best way to see the town from a bird's eye view. No viewing platform on the ground can offer this. A Hot Air Balloon Ride is a unique format for sightseeing tours around Kyiv and its suburbs. Places you can fly includes the following cities: Capital city of Ukraine, White Church, Chernigov, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Lviv, and Kherson. There are flights to different cities, however, it'll cost more. All flights are available at an economical price from 1000 UAH per person.

  1. Andriyivsky Uzviz and St Andrew’s Church: Andriyivski Uzviz, also called Kiev’s neighborhood, is one of the oldest and most picturesque places within the city. This snaky, cobbled slope marks the heart of stunning Kiev. This is the place to come for art, crafts, and fun as its steep descent is lined with various art galleries, museums, distinctive souvenirs retailers with ancient Ukrainian goods, with cafes, bars and restaurants.

  2. Mother of the Fatherland : One of the biggest and tallest monuments in Kiev (62 meters/ 203 ft). It is part of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, built to observe the German-Soviet War.

  3. .Independence Sq. – additionally called ‘Maidan Nezalezhnosti’: is the central square of Kiev and the place of the Orange Revolution (2004). It is situated on Khreshchatyk Street in the Shevchenko Raion. It’s an enormous open area with fountains, and near the Independence Column, the most famous hotel in Ukraina. 

  4. St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral – built in Russian-Byzantine: Sitting Vogue with a yellow exterior and a colorful fresco-filled interior, this seven-domed church may be a good place to experience a Ukrainian Orthodox service. St Volodymyr’s Cathedral is one among the city’s major landmarks and the mother cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox church. It was constructed in the late nineteenth century to mark 900 years of Christianity in the country.

  5. M.M. Gryshko Central botanical garden: Founded in 1936, this graceful garden houses over 14,000 different kinds of flowers, trees, shrubs, and plants. It is renowned for its arboretum and spring show of lilacs, magnolias, roses, and peonies. It's placed close to the bank of the Dnieper River.

  6. St. Sophia’s Cathedral: Dating back to the fantastic times of Kievan Rus, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, with its beautiful Byzantine-style mosaics of Saints and Kings, remains an excellent landmark and one of the most-visited sights in Kiev

  7. St Michael’s cloister: St. Michael’s religious residence was built in the early twelfth century, dedicated to the saint of Kiev, Archangel Michael. It is among the oldest monasteries in Kiev. 

  8. 8. Kiev Monastery of the Caves is yet another amazing spot to visit.  It is also known as Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and was built around 1000 years ago, acting now as a tomb for over 100 revered monks. It is a religious building and on the list on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  9. National Opera House of Ukraine: Aas established in 1867, the building is a omantic theatre with a more than 200-year history. This opera house is currently home to the Kiev Opera Company.


Globus Mall
Globus Mall, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, 1, Kyiv, Київська обл., Ukraine, 02000
Distance From City Center
3 kms
Metrograd Mall
Metrograd Mall, Bessarabs'ka Square, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Distance From City Center
3 kms
Ukraina Shopping Mall
Peremohy Square, 3, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01135
Distance From City Center
5.3 kms
Mandarin plaza
вул. Басейна, 6, Kyiv, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, 01004
Distance From City Center
2.7 kms
Ocean Plaza
Antonovycha St, 176, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03150
Distance From City Center
5.5 kms
Henerala Vatutina Ave, 2т, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Distance From City Center
9.3 kms
Lavina Mall
Vulytsya Berkovetsʹka, 6Д, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04128
Distance From City Center
13.2 kms
Sportyvna Square, 1a, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01023
Distance From City Center
2.7 kms
Khreschatyk St, 38, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001
Distance From City Center
2 kms
Dream Town
Obolonskyi Ave, 1Б, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04205
Distance From City Center
9.7 kms
Gorodok Shopping Mall
Gorodok Shopping Mall, Stepana Bandery Avenue, 23, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04073
Distance From City Center
9 kms
Darynok Mall, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Distance From City Center
15.8 kms
Kosmopolit Mall
Kosmopolit Mall, Vadyma Hetmana St, 6, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03057
Distance From City Center
9.7 kms
Komod Mall
Komod Mall, Mytropolyta Andreia Sheptytskoho St, 4 А, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02002
Distance From City Center
10.2 kms
Promenada Centre
Promenada Centre, Ovrutska St, 18, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04107
Distance From City Center
5.2 kms
Souvenir Suggestions
  1. Ukrainian Matryoshka/Babushka: Handcrafted nesting dolls.
  2. Motanky: Ragdolls that are one of the national symbols of Ukraine
  3. Handmade lacquered wooden Box: The wood that is used is Birch, a native to Ukraine
  4. Chemise: Ukranian Folk Blouse with embroidery 
  5.  Lviv Chocolate: From Western Ukraine, it is famous all over the world
  6. Jewellery: Wooden Bracelets and Beaded Necklace
  7. Matiola Textiles: Handmade embroidery, knitted or cut work on clothes
  8. Kylym: The quintessential Ukraninan Rug
  9.  Ceramics: Earthenware and ceramics are famous in Ukraine and are beautifully colourful
  10. Horilka: A traditional Ukrainian Beverage

Tourist attractions in Kiev


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