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About Us

Welcome to the one-stop destination for all your travel planning needs. We are a full-service information portal that collates all your vacation questions in one go.

There are few things in the world that nourish a person the way travel does. That nourishment, however, often goes down the drain with the effort it takes to actually plan a good vacation. Planning holidays well can be a boon because if everything is thought out in advance, it leaves you stress-free once you’re actually there. What tourist spots do you want to visit, and more importantly, which ones can be skipped? What are their opening hours? Is local transport reliable? What kind of adaptors do you need to carry? Is there specific clothing that will be needed? The answers to these questions are the basis of a good trip. Finding these answers was only possible by going through a plethora of websites and guides. Moreover, a lot of these sites are commercially inclined and tend to push you towards their pre-decided deals and partners, especially for bookings of any kind. So how do you make an unbiased decision?

At Travellingfoot, we decided to take back control into our own hands. Seasoned travelers know that the best advice on any place comes from its locals or from smaller blogs. Similarly, Travellingfoot too brings you reliable information from sources close to the land, gathering data and sorting through it to give you what you want to know. Also, none of the information is filtered through business associations - which means we don’t make money off of telling you which flight, hotel or day tour to book. We design our work around your ease of finding precise and accurate information in one place that isn’t driven by what sells best. Our intentions are to save you time and give you details of what you seek while allowing you the freedom to craft your own travel adventure for each holiday. Explore every country and the cities of the world at peace, and find the answer to every question you’d ever have. Happy exploring, and travel safe!