Advantages with Travellingfoot?


No payment is required in advance

Look at your business getting highlighted on Travellingfoot. Get your friends and supporters to view the same.


Online details are as uploaded by you

You are responsible for uploading your details on our website. In other words, you choose what millions of readers around the world read and know about you.


You are noticed

While everyone loves to travel, they also like to gain as much insight into a place as they can. Be it information regarding accommodation facilities, local transportation options, shopping avenues, eating guides, and more – you name it and we have it. So, when a traveller browses through our website, you are noticed.


Yes, you have to fill in your details in the form as provided by Travellingfoot.
Once you submit your data, it will be approved by the Travellingfoot team. Once approved, your data will be visible to our readers.
Yes. You can register all your businesses provided that you use different e-mail addresses for each of them.