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Morocco's location in the northwest of Africa, and very close to Europe has ensured that it has seen many a nation trying to gain a foothold on its terrain over the centuries, right from the Romans, Portuguese, Turks, Moors, Arabs, Spanish, and the French. This has led to an amalgam of sensibilities, and a melting pot of customs and cultures,

The modern-day Moroccans are a vibrant, family-centered, friendly, progressive, people with an Islamic background. Morocco remains the quintessentially exotic gateway to Africa. An ancient land with mountains, deserts, marketplaces, which lead to souks and riads. The land that is characterized by the undulating golden of the Sahara dunes to the lofty peaks of the Atlas, of labyrinthine medinas, Berber villages, camels disappearing into the sun-drenched dunes, Morocco is truly cut out for travelers even as they embark on a dream vacation. The main cities include Fez, Casablanca, and Marrakech. The country exudes a mystique which is evidenced in the medina at Fez which is like an adventure as one wouldn't know what to expect at the next corner. Enjoy hiking trekking shopping at the souks or lazing on panoramic terraces overlooking the busy lanes.

Another favorite pass time is the camel trekking, which though not very graceful or elegant still continues to hold out its own as something to look forward to as the views of the sunset over the golden dunes are a sight to behold. Check out the UNESCO acclaimed circus performances at Marrakech s Djemaa el-Fna's main square or drive down to the Draa Valley for some sylvan solace. Some places of tourist interest include the Bahia Palace, Atlas mountains, High Atlas, Ouzoud Falls, Le Jardin Secret, Hassan II Mosque, Essaouira, Fes El Bali. A visit in summer can ensure many discounts at the souks, malls and on travel. Being a Muslim nation decent attire is advised. So, add Morocco to the top of your bucket list of tourist destinations even as you get ready to savor the warm, generous, open-minded nature of the natives as you sip on a cup of mint tea.




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