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Overloaded with thrilling experiences and relish worthy cuisines, London is a city which is a hit among people all around the globe! It is a go-to place for people looking for a rich experience in almost every aspect. You may get tired attending the neverending events hosted here but the events won't stop popping up in front of you! From Art galleries to authentic restaurants, from breathtaking Museums to historic buildings, from beautiful markets to interesting walking tours, London will keep you thrilled and spellbound. It is also one of the megacities of the world. Situated on River Thames, the capital of the UK was founded by the Romans around 50 AD. The city has taken many tolls since its inception. London is the largest city not only in the UK but in the entire EU.  No doubt it is so full of events and experiences. It is also a global financial and education hub, attracting scores of skilled workers and students from across the world. Apart from that, London is also famously cosmopolitan, with more than 300 languages reportedly being spoken in the city. With its magnificent historic buildings, fabulous museums, world-class restaurants, and shopping centers, London will cast a spell on any traveler.

Public Transport System

Buses, trains, trams, Emirates Air Line cable car, London taxis, London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, London River-Bus services.

Cleanliness and Efficiency

Cleanliness: High; Efficiency: High

Mode & Cost of Transports


Adults: 1.5 GBP (irrespective of the distance)

Children: Free if below 11 years of age

*You have to use Oyster card or debit/credit cards to travel on buses as cash is not accepted.


London Underground (tube)

Adult: 4.9 GBP for a single journey ticket in zone 1. If you have an Oyster card, it will cost 2.4 GBP 

Child: Free if below 11 years of age


Black cab taxis

3.00 GBP (minimum fare). Prices vary according to time of the day



Adults: 2.6 GBP for a single journey ticket

Adults: 1.5 GBP with an Oyster Card

Children: Free for Children below10 years of age.

There are also one-day and monthly tram-bus passes. One day tram and bus pass will cost 5 GBP


Boat (Thames Clippers)

Adults: Prices vary from 4.8 GBP to 10 GBP for a single journey for tickets purchased at offices and machines

Children: Free if less than 5 years of age 


Oyster/app/online fares 

Adults: Prices vary from 4.1 GBP to 9.0 GBP for a single journey

Children: Free if less than 5 years of age 


Emirates Air Line

Emirates Air Line is a cable car that links Royal Docks with North Greenwich.

Adults: 3.5 GBP

Children: 1.7 GBP

Child: Free for children under 5


Santander Cycles

Renting cycles is a healthy, eco-friendly, and efficient way to see London. Bikes cost 2 GBP for 24 hours and you can make as many journeys as possible. Longer journeys cost 2 GBP for each extra 30 min.


Oyster card
The Oyster card is a smart card and it is an absolute must if you want to a hassle-free commute. It is valid on the entire London public transport system. And the benefits? Discounts and freedom from standing in queues. You can top them up at any station.  


Basic Items & Cost

Name Price
Water Bottle GBP 1.00
Cup of Coffee GBP 3.00
Milk Carton Pack GBP 1.00
Rice/Kg GBP 2.00
White Bread GBP 1.00
Eggs (12) GBP 2.00
Combo Meal GBP 6.00
Fine Dining GBP 50.00
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi GBP 1.00
Domestic Beer GBP 5.00
Imported Beer GBP 5.00
Bottle of Wine GBP 8.00
Cigarettes (20 Pack) GBP 11.00
Taxi ( 1 km ) GBP 3.00
Ticket in local transport (Single way). GBP 3.00
Rent ( One Bed Room) GBP 1732.00


  • Do learn to say sorry and thank you. It’s very British.
  • Do dress appropriately for the occasion.
  • Do walk when in London. Many attractions are within walking distance.
  • Do say sorry even if you mistakenly touch a Londoner. Sorry is a common word with the people of London and they love hearing as well as saying it whenever possible.
  • Do make use of the Oysters card.
  • Make sure you carry an umbrella with you, it rains often.
  • If you wish to stand on the escalator, stand on the right side, the left side is for the people who wish to keep walking.


  • Don’t stand on the left side of the escalator.
  • Don’t walk slowly in the center of the pavement.
  • Don’t talk loudly in public transport.
  • Don’t take the underground during morning/evening rush hour.
  • Do not try to jump the queues.
  • British people don’t like talking to strangers unless its about directions or some other minor help. So, avoid being too frank with them.

Night Life

With dozens of fabulous nightclubs, pubs, and bars catering to every possible taste, you can dance and drink the night away; London’s reputation for having great nightlife is well-deserved. XOYO, KOKO, Ministry of Sound, and Fabric combine foot-thumping music with amazing drinks. Jazz Cafe is a great place to enjoy live music and good food. London is also full of fantastic pubs where you can savor some really terrific ale and beer. There are karaoke bars for those fancying some singing skills and burlesque clubs for people seeking racy entertainment. All in all, London is the perfect place to enjoy some of the best nights of your life!

Must See

British Museum: One of the finest museums in the world, the British Museum was opened in 1759 and holds priceless cultural treasures.

London Eye: Standing as tall as 135 meters, the London Eye is Europe’s tallest cantilever bridge. Stunning views guaranteed!

Tower of London: A World Heritage Site, the tower is actually a castle that has, over the years, been used for various purposes, including as an armory, treasury, Royal Mint. It also hosts the British Crown Jewels.  

Palace of Westminster: The home of two houses of British Parliament – House of Commons and House of Lords. 

Royal Botanical Garden (Kew Gardens): Another World Heritage Site, the Kew contains some of the most spectacular and diverse collections of plant species in the world.

Victoria and Albert Museum: Founded in 1852, the V&A houses one of the world’s largest collection of art and artifacts.

Buckingham Palace: A major London landmark, the palace is the home of the British monarch.

Tower Bridge: One of the icons of London, the suspension bridge over River Thames was built between 1886 and 1894.


Hyde Park: Established in the 16th century, Hyde Park is a beautiful park located in central London.

West End Theatre: A trip to the West End Theatre is a must, for people interested in theatre.

The Shard: The 95-story building is Europe’s tallest skyscraper.

Piccadilly Circus: One of London’s prime attractions, it is a busy road junction and close to important shopping destinations.

London Transport Museum: Established in 1980, the museum is dedicated to the history of London transport industry.

London Zoo: Established in 1828, the zoo contains an amazing collection of animals. 

Madame Tussauds: A museum containing wax statues of famous personalities, Madame Tussauds is a big draw with tourists.


Empire Casino, 0.4 km from city center
5-6 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7NA, UK
Highgate Golf Club, 9.4 km from city center
Denewood Rd, Highgate, London N6 4AH, UK
Richmond Park Golf Course, 14.4 km from city center
Norstead Pl, London SW15 3SA, UK
Royal Blackheath Golf Club, 16 km from city center
Court Rd, London SE9 5AF, UK
Junkyard Golf Club, 5.3 km from city center
Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL, UK
The Hippodrome Casino London, 0.5 km from city center
Cranbourn St, London WC2H 7JH, UK
Lee Valley Golf Course, 18.1 km from city center
Lee Valley Leisure Complex, Meridian Way, London N9 0AR, UK
Woburn Safari Park, 77 km from city center
Crawley Rd, Woburn, Bedford MK17 9QN, UK
Grosvenor Casino The Victoria London, 4.1 km from city center
150-162 Edgware Rd, Marylebone, London W2 2DT, UK
Abridge Golf and Country Club, 35 km from city center
Epping Ln, Stapleford Tawney, Romford RM4 1ST, UK
Genting Casino, 0.8 km from city center
93 - 107 Shaftesbury Ave, Soho, London W1D 5DY, UK
Bird Safari, 4.3 km from city center
London NW1 4RY, UK
London Zoo, 4.5 km from city center
London NW1 4RY, UK
The Palm Beach Casino, 1.6 km from city center
30 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London W1J 8EH, UK
The Snow Centre, 41 km from city center
St Albans Hill, Hemel Hempstead HP3 9NH, UK


Alfies Antique Market
Antique Markets
13-25 Church St, Marylebone, London NW8 8DT, UK
Distance From City Center
5.3 km
Bermondsey Market
Antique Markets
11 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3UN, UK
Distance From City Center
4.3 km
Camden Passage
Antique Markets
1 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA, UK
Distance From City Center
4.3 km
Grays Antique Centre
Antique Markets
58 Davies St, Mayfair, London W1K 5LP, UK
Distance From City Center
4.02 km
Northcote Road Antiques Market
Antique Markets
155a Northcote Rd, London SW11 6QB, UK
Distance From City Center
8.2 km
Stephen Lazarus
Antique Markets
Alfies Antique Market, 13-25 Church St, Marylebone, London NW8 8DT, UK
Distance From City Center
5.3 km
Devons Road Market
Flea Markets and Bazaars
17 Towcester Rd, London E3 3ND, UK
Distance From City Center
9.1 km
Flea at Flat Iron Square
Flea Markets and Bazaars
53 Southwark St, London SE1 1RU, UK
Distance From City Center
3.5 km
Frock Me! Vintage Fashion Fair
Flea Markets and Bazaars
Chelsea Old Town Hall, King's Rd, London SW3 5EB, United Kingdom
Distance From City Center
4.34 km
Jubilee Market
Flea Markets and Bazaars
1 Tavistock Court, London WC2E 8BD, United Kingdom
Distance From City Center
1 km
Old Spitalfields Market
Flea Markets and Bazaars
16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW, UK
Distance From City Center
4.8 km
Wood Street Indoor Market
Flea Markets and Bazaars
98-100 Wood St, Walthamstow, London E17 3HX, UK
Distance From City Center
21 km
Handicrafts and Souviners
7 Broadway Market, Dalston, London E8 4PH, UK
Distance From City Center
6.5 km
Japan Craft - Traditional Japanese Arts & Craft store
Handicrafts and Souviners
Unit 2, Market Hall Lock Place, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AL, United Kingdom
Distance From City Center
4.18 km
Portobello Souvenir Market
Handicrafts and Souviners
55 Pembridge Rd, London W11 3HG, UK
Distance From City Center
6.7 km
Sass & Belle Covent Garden Market
Handicrafts and Souviners
Jubilee Market Hall, 31 the, 30 Tavistock Ct, London WC2E 8RE, United Kingdom
Distance From City Center
, 0.8 km
Space EC1
Handicrafts and Souviners
25 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4QL, UK
Distance From City Center
3.3 km
To Home From London
Handicrafts and Souviners
Unit 504, Camden Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AH, United Kingdom
Distance From City Center
4.1 km
Brent Cross Shopping Centre
Shopping Malls
Prince Charles Dr, London NW4 3FP, UK
Distance From City Center
13.3 km
Brunswick Centre
Shopping Malls
1 Byng Pl, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1BS, UK
Distance From City Center
2.5 km
Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre
Shopping Malls
The Broadway, London W5 5JY, UK
Distance From City Center
14.9 km
One New Change
Shopping Malls
1 New Change, London EC4M 9AF, UK
Distance From City Center
2.8 km
Victoria Place Shopping Centre
Shopping Malls
115 Buckingham Palace Rd, Victoria, London SW1W 9SJ, UK
Distance From City Center
2 km
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  • Burberry trench coat
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  • Tower Bridge cufflinks
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  • Images of London teapot
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  • Commemorative pillbox
  • Notting Hill shopping bag

Official Language


Other Language

French, German, Spanish.

Spoken Language

London, home to a large number... Read more


Pound Sterling (GBP)


8.7 (Millions)

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Few Clouds 10.49°C

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02:59 AM (GMT +01:00)


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Electric socket

Type G
Type G ( 230 V 50 Hz)
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Airport Name / IATA Code

Heathrow International Airport - LHR

Airport Name / IATA Code

Gatwick - LGW

Best time to visit

May, June, July, August, Mid-September, and December: London is visited most by tourists during the late spring and summer months. The weather is warm and there is vacation time in schools during this time.

Moderate time to visit

October, November, March, and April: Climate of London during these months is moderate. A variety of events such as the Totally Thames festival and Halloween celebrations are held during these months. Christmas decorations can be seen throughout the city from November.

Worst time to visit

January and February: These two months are the worst to visit London. Cold weather and heavy rainfall make it difficult for visitors to enjoy during these months.


Start Tariff: GBP 5.00

1 Km. Tariff: GBP 2.90

1 Hour Waiting Tariff: GBP 40.00

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