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Azerbaijanian Manat(AZN)
Sunny 23.4℃
06:26 AM (GMT +04:00)
Electric Socket
Type C ( 220 V 50 Hz)... Read more

About Baku

Baku, the political, cultural and economic capital of Azerbaijan, is one of the most beautiful, yet  relatively unknown destinations in the world. The city and the port of Baku stand proudly on the western side of the Caspian Sea, with a skyline comprised of nineteenth-century European palaces along with ultramodern glass buildings. The city has a rich history from the medieval age as a Persian capital, which fell to the Russian conquest. Its glory days began when oil wells were dug in the city, and then it gradually changed to the present version which is the perfect blending of the Orient and the Occident. Baku, with a UNESCO world heritage site, attracts all kinds of tourists, from history buffs to food vloggers and party people.

Continent Country
Europe Azerbaijan
Airport Name / IATA Code
Heydar Aliyev International Airport GYD

  • Time To Visit

Best time to visit
June, July, August, September, October. Summer starts in June, and tourist activity goes up in Baku. In July, a major shopping festival with massive discounts takes place. If you are a shopaholic, this is the perfect time for you to visit. September and October offer comfortable weather. The temperature goes down, but the rain hasn't started yet.
Moderate time to visit
February, March, April, May, November. February in this country provides a good time for a winter vacation. March is springtime and the weather is relatively comfortable after a long winter. Another shopping festival takes place in April-May. In November, rain and snow starts and the tourist numbers start to decrease.
Worst time to visit
December, January. Heavy snowfall starts in December and it reaches a peak in January. The temperature goes down rapidly and the roads are often blocked. June is the time of high summer and with the moisture in the air, it is not a good time to visit.
Month January February March April May June July August September October November December
Minimum temprature (℃) 2 1 4 9 14 19 22 22 19 13 8 4
Maximum temprature (℃) 7 6 10 16 22 27 30 29 25 19 13 9
Rain fall (mm) 22 21 22 18 18 8 3 7 16 26 30 27
2.2 (Millions)
Official Language
Spoken Language
Russian and Armenian... Read more
Other Language
Russian, Armenian, E... Read more
Start Tariff: AZN 1.... Read more




Public Transport
Basic Items And Cost
Name Price
Water Bottle USD 0.59
Cup of Coffee USD 0.59
Milk Carton Pack USD 1.17
Rice/Kg USD 1.17
White Bread USD 0.59
Eggs (12) USD 1.17
Combo Meal USD 4.70
Fine Dining USD 32.31
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi USD 0.59
Domestic Beer USD 1.17
Imported Beer USD 2.35
Bottle of Wine USD 4.11
Cigarettes (20 Pack) USD 2.35
Taxi ( 1 km ) USD 0.59
Ticket in local transport (Single way). USD 0.00
Rent ( One Bed Room) USD 297.21
Do's And Don'ts
Night Life
Must See
  • Baku is a shopper's paradise. If you can plan your travel around a major shopping festival, you will be in for a treat. The colourful markets and the vast array of the collection is an amazing experience.
  • Experience the vibrant nightlife of the city, not only in the pubs and bars but also by taking a walk across the sea-shore.
  • Walk in the old town area on foot and soak in the cultural differences and the rapid rush towards progress, which will be evident from the changing skyline pattern of the city. 
  • Enjoy the combined effect of culinary skills from Asia and Europe in the cuisine in the local restaurants. 
No data available
Souvenir Suggestions
  • Carpets, because it is a traditional form of art and a matter of national pride of Azerbaijan. 
  • Armudu Glass, pear-shaped glass that is an important part of the Azerbaijani culture, with intrinsic designs and patterns.
  • Jewellery and daggers ornamented with precious stones.
  • Crude oil painting, which is often done without the help of a brush.
  • Ceramics, especially Chirag or ancient oil lamps.
  • Backgammon: A classic game embedded in the local culture. The board for this game is a piece of art.

Tourist attractions in Baku


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