About King Abdullah I Mosque

Built by King Hussein as a memorial to his grandfather, King Abdullah, this mosque is the only one in Jordan open to non-Muslims. It is a mosque with both religious sentiment and architectural aesthetics, and it rises into a magnificent 35 m blue dome decorated with Quranic inscriptions.

It is large enough to accommodate as many as 7,000 worshippers, with the courtyard alone being big enough for 3,000 (including a smaller space for up to 500 women). There is a special prayer room for the royal family.

Must See

  • The blue dome standing tall, mirroring the exquisite architecture of the mosque is certainly awe-striking.
  • The walls of the mosque are camouflaged by the regal calligraphy of the Quranic inscriptions 

How to reach

Best to take a taxi or walk. 


  • The only mosque in Jordan open to non-Muslims.
  • Men must wear long trousers and women must cover their heads, arms, and legs.
  • Closed on Fridays during Friday prayers. Open before and after.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the prayer hall.
  • Dress conservatively.
  • Headscarves are available at the entrance with a black full-length dress, called abayas to cover bare arms, legs or jeans. 
  • There is a small enclosure for women worshippers. 

Visit Time

Sunday:                               8 am  to  1 am and 12:30 pm  2 pm

Monday                               8 am  to  1 am and 12:30 pm  2 pm                   

Tuesday                              8 am  to  1 am and 12:30 pm  2 pm

Wednesday                         8 am  to  1 am and 12:30 pm  2 pm    

Thursday                             8 am  to  1 am and 12:30 pm  2 pm

Friday                                  Closed for prayer 

Saturday                              8 am  to  1 am and 12:30 pm  2 pm


Time Icon

Waiting Time

25 minutes for tickets


Entrance Fee Icon

Entrance Fee


2 JD (Jordan Dinar) for visitors

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Time you can spend Icon

Time you can spend

30-40 minutes


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Haze 25.31°C


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