About National Park Bjeshkët E Nemuna

The Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park is a national park at Gjakova and Peć Districts in Western Kosovo and shares borders with Albania and Montenegro. Covering over 63,028 hectares of mountainous terrain dotted with numerous lakes, alpine landscapes, dense deciduous and coniferous forests. The park is preserved, protecting the ecosystems and biodiversity, along with the cultural and historical heritage of the place.

It is known for its flora, fauna geography, and geomorphology and forms an important natural reserve not only in Kosovo but the entire Balkan Peninsula. The vegetation has evolved considerably from the Ice Age and presently this region has about 33 endemic plant species. The same goes without saying for its fauna. Known not only for its biological variety but “Bjeshket e Nemuna” also has a great variety of rare, endangered, and endemic species of flora and fauna, and is also the perfect example of cultural and ethnographic heritage in the region, as also the age-old ways of life in the mountains. The National Park Bjeshkët E Nemuna has been recognized as an important bird area with international importance and a designation under the BirdLife International Convention. With the status of National Park, the area covers the territories of Junik, Deçan, Peja, Gjakova, and Istog. It shares its borders with the Valbonne Valley National Park in the south, which is in Albania.

The territory of National Park is famous for its rare natural values and a large number of the forest. The National ParkBjeshkët E Nemuna ecosystem has habitats rare species. The park houses characteristic research of geomorphology, hydrology, and landscape, marking the location to be an important educational and tourism-recreational center. The locations are also famous for the tourism activities of hiking, diving, and swimming with certain law restrictions. The local villages will give you an opportunity to taste the traditional food of the area.


Must See

  • Rugova Canyon
  • White Drin Waterfall
  • Lake Leqinat
  • Shkat e Hajnave
  • Marijash, Kopranik, and Streoc Mountain peaks
  • Đeravica Lake and Zemra Lake





How to reach

Pristina, Kosovo to Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park, Kosovo is 129.6 km

By Car

Fare: 4.51 € to 6 €

Time Taken: 1 Hour 30 minutes

By Train

Fare: 2.78 €  to 3.30 €

Time Taken: 2 Hours 19 minutes

By Bus

Fare: 6 €  to 10 €

Time Taken: 3 Hours 18 minutes

By Air

Europe Train to Frankfurt, fly to Podgorica, to Pristina, Kosovo

Fare: 58 €  to 333.86 €

Time Taken: 9 Hours 41 Minutes(Includes 2 hours of transfer)


  • Explore the wilderness of the unspoiled streams and rivers, rolling hills, alpine lakes, and old-growth forests
  • Get close to the ecosystems and biodiversity that abounds here
  • Check out the cultural and historical heritage
  • Climb the mountains and stay at the mountain lodge
  • Understand why this is called a cursed mountain
  • Cherish the flora and fauna
  • Capture in your cameras the lynx, roe deer, chamois/eagles
  • Stay at the small villages in the surrounding areas to get a taste of the local culture and their style of living
  • Witness the longest and deepest canyons
  • View more than a 100 natural monuments











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Sunday:         Open 24 hours

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Thursday:      Open 24 hours

Friday:           Open 24 hours

Saturday:       Open 24 hours

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3 to 5 days

(Recommended in mid-Spring)


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