About Prizren Castle

The Prizren Fortress, with the spectacular view from the Fortress, is astonishing, as it complements the travel to Prizren. The ancient history of the city denotes the Prizren Castle as an important part of the very fabric of the city. The topographic position dominates the city with an attractive natural landscape and the well-thought-of architectural configuration, incorporating archaeology, history, and tourism in its wake. Located on a conical-shaped hill with fortifying walls pursuing the relief line, it is an egg-shaped foundation. Dating back to the 16th century the Prizren Fortress is part of the prehistoric settlement of the Bronze Era and the early Iron Era.

Prizren Castle is the most famous monuments in Prizren, attracting visitors from all over. The International Documentary Film Festival "Dokufest” of 2010, was held in the new open cinema built at the castle gate, showing various films, and enriching the castle's functions with important cultural activity. The Fortress is surrounded by scenic surroundings at the foot of the Šar Mountains, Bistrica river floating just in the middle of the city. And the red rooftops house dotting the path making for a fantastic view. The Fortress is not crowded during the day, but the sunset brings life to the Fortress.

While the sun is slowly bidding adieu the Fortress stone wall is filled with visitors munching on a quick supper of buns and tomatoes. The spot is famous for socializing, bringing families together, and singles looking for someone to fall in love with, and the best part is admiring the sunset. Prizren Fortress is further made interesting with free wifi connection from the Internet in Kosovo available at the cafe at the Fortress, making the Prizren Fortress a hot spot for gossip, love, selfies, and small talks.


Must See

  • The exceptional beauty of the Monument
  • Remains of the Serbian Empire
  • Check the view of Prizrenska Bistrica view from the hill and surrounding mountains
  • Hike up for Prizren's old town dotted with historic houses
  • Night view of Prizren, Kosovo
  • Breathtaking panoramas and overview of the city

How to reach

Pristina, Kosovo to Prizren Fortress, Kosovo is 85.9 km 

By Bus

Fare: 3 € to 4 €

Time Taken: 2 Hours 21 minutes


By Car

Fare: 20 € to 30 €

Time Taken: 1 Hour 7 minutes


  • View from the Fortress is amazing
  • The sunset from the Fortress is magnificent so don't forget your camera
  • The walk up to the ruins of the Fortress is refreshing
  • Picture perfect view of the city’s historical monuments
  • The best view of the surrounding valley and city
  • The spectacular city skyline is a must-watch especially at sundown
  • The city center has restaurants and shops selling food with free wifi
  • US Embassy in Kosovo is at the Prizren Castle



Visit Time

Sunday:        Open 24 hour

Monday:        Open 24 hour

Tuesday:       Open 24 hour

Wednesday:  Open 24 hour

Thursday:      Open 24 hour

Friday:           Open 24 hour

Saturday:       Open 24 hour

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20 minutes to 1 hour


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Scattered Clouds 36.16°C


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