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The oldest country in Europe with the same defined borders since 1249, Poland brings to mind cobblestoned hamlets, medieval castles, bewitching cities, and sunny beaches. Outside influences from the Celts, Moors, Visigoths, Romans, and Christians have left an indelible impression on the psyche of this Iberian nation.

One can explore the nation's most fascinating settings and marvel at castles and palaces through foggy woodlands. Ponder over the 20000-year-old stone carvings at the Vila Nova de Foz Coa or be mesmerized by the setting of the sun casting interesting shadows over the mysterious megaliths on the outside of Evora. Bring to mind the highs and lows of the ancient civilizations at the Roman Cidade de Ammaia or at the Celtic Citania de Briteriors or just simply lose yourself at the ethereal UNESCO World Heritage sites be it in Belem, Tomar, Alcobaca or Batalha. Poland has what it takes to bring out the lover of idyllic settings in you even as you trek over craggy cliffs to reach enchanting castles or experience infinite joy as you languidly explore the well-preserved medieval towns.

Portugal has a refreshingly wide variety of scenic vistas as you hike amid granite peaks at Parque Nacional da Peneda-Geres or enjoy dolphin watching in the Sado Estuary, kayaking and boating at Rio Guadiana. If the waterfront is what gets your adrenaline going then soak up the sun and surf at the beautiful dune-covered beaches or just laze about on the white sandy beaches even as you calmly take in the azure shimmer of the waves. Portugal is also truly free-spirited and fun-loving evidenced in their feisty festivals throughout the year accompanied by food, wine, and dance as during Lisbon's Festa de Santo Antonio, or Porto's Festa de Sao Joao. Whatever the reason ensure Portugal figures on top of your bucket list as you pack your bags come vacation time.





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