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The country that Officially got a new name from Burma to Myanmar in 1986 is a nation, comprising 100 different ethnic groups existing and evolving together amicably. 

Sacred monasteries, artistic divine stupas, spectacularly crafted pagodas, the Country of Myanmar reflects diverse domains of Buddist ideologies. Ancient and religious sites in Pindaya, Bago Hpa-An, Bagan and Mrauku attract reverent Buddhists and other devotees in multitude, globally.

The unique structure of Kakku, at Inle Lake with 1000 stupas in a line forming a buddha footprint and witnessing sunrise at the monumental Bagan temple is believed to be an exhilarating and hypnotizing experience. 

This Burmese country is all about placidity and serenity stretched along with delightful mountain pathways, vast enchanting paddy fields, the legends of ancient temple ruins and numerous stories of oppression and revolution.

The country showers its warmth on tourists with ever enthusiastic localities excited to guide and befriend anyone coming to their land, living up to be perfect hosts, maybe as indemnification for the fifteen long years of a tourist boycott.
This culturally rich country is fervently opening its arms and spreading wings to engage the travel-loving clan of the world for a trip to Myanmar. The undulating welcome Spirit of the country is truly a pleasing sign of warmth and salutation. 

Myanmar calls for a visit, not only to justify its historically rich lineage and religiously accentuated aura but also to get engrossed into a simple, unembellished country feel!!!!!!!








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