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Overcast 30℃
07:23 AM (GMT +08:00)
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About Suzhou

Suzhou, the "Venice of China", is a sightseeing paradise. It has been the cultural and commercial hub of China for decades. The city is lush with bright green hills, pristine rivers, and quiet little towns where tourists can indulge in experiencing old town China and delve into the rich history of the country. Home to many temples dedicated to several spiritual leaders, the list of religious places to visit does not end. The UNESCO-recognized classical gardens are a testament to unparalleled Chinese design and architectural talent. There are several little treasures to be found in the state, apart from the popular tours, tourists can set out on foot and discover old towns, small temples and indulge in the local food scene. For tourists looking to find something new within something old, Suzhou is the place to find them.

Continent Country
Asia China
Airport Name / IATA Code
Sunan Shuofang International Airport WUX
Alternate Airport Name / IATA Code
SHA Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

  • Time To Visit

Best time to visit
March, April, May, September, October, and November: The weather is cool and comfortable, perfect for outdoor activities.
Moderate time to visit
June, July, and August: The flowers are in full bloom but the climate gets quite humid which might be uncomfortable for outdoor activities.
Worst time to visit
December, January, and February are the most crowded months, thanks to the New Year celebrations.
Month January February March April May June July August September October November December
Minimum temprature (℃) 0 2 6 11 16 21 25 25 20 15 8 2
Maximum temprature (℃) 6 8 12 18 24 27 31 31 26 21 15 9
Rain fall (mm) 0 25 127 254 381 508 130 127 130 56 46 36
6 (Millions)
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Public Transport
Basic Items And Cost
Name Price
Water Bottle RMB 1.00
Cup of Coffee RMB 29.00
Milk Carton Pack RMB 12.00
Rice/Kg RMB 5.00
White Bread RMB 12.00
Eggs (12) RMB 13.00
Combo Meal RMB 30.00
Fine Dining RMB 187.00
Bottle of Coke or Pepsi RMB 4.00
Domestic Beer RMB 9.00
Imported Beer RMB 15.00
Bottle of Wine RMB 50.00
Cigarettes (20 Pack) RMB 19.00
Taxi ( 1 km ) RMB 2.00
Ticket in local transport (Single way). RMB 2.00
Rent ( One Bed Room) RMB 3144.00
Do's And Don'ts
Night Life
Must See
  • Guangfu Ancient Town is known for the plum flowers blooming in the Sea of Fragrant Snow in early spring. Apart from this, there are interesting temples and handicrafts worth seeing.

  •  Luzhi Town is a peaceful and pristine landscape typically representing an ancient water town in lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

  • Shaxi Ancient Town is an ancient water town with many folk houses built in Ming and Qing Dynasties, ancient streets and bridges. Enjoy the local festivals there.

  • The Master of Nets Garden (Wang Shi Yuan) is the best example of small and medium-sized gardens, best for squeezing as much time as possible from your visit.

  • West Garden Temple was initially one part of the Lingering Garden, featuring sacred temples and beautiful landscapes.

  • Xuanmiao Taoist Temple (Temple of Mystery) is a place where you cannot only admire the majestic buildings but also enjoy Taoist music and the flying cymbals performance.

Suzhou Village
No.969 Yangcheng Ring Road, Industry Zone, Suzhou 215121, China
Distance From City Center
12.1 km
Suzhou Antique Market
51 Furen Fang, Guanqian Jie, Suzhou
Distance From City Center
5.3 kms
Suzhou Cultural Relic Store
1208 Renmin Lu,Canglang District, Suzhou
Distance From City Center
4.4 kms
Siqian Jie
117 Siqian Jie, Suzhou
Distance From City Center
95.8 kms
Suzhou Art Gallery (Suzhou Mei Shu Guan)
3 Canglangting Jie, Suzhou
Distance From City Center
4.7 kms
Suzhou Industrial Arts Museum(Suzhou Gong Yi mei shu Bo wu guan)
88 Xibei Jie, Suzhou
Distance From City Center
155 kms
The Emerald City
436 Changjiang Rd, Huqiu Qu, Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China, 215000
Distance From City Center
4.6 kms
Golden Eagle Shopping Center
1 Guanqian St, GuanQian Jie, Ping Jiang Qu, Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China, 215005
Distance From City Center
5.4 kms
China, Jiangsu, Suzhou, Kunshan, Qianjin W Rd
Distance From City Center
12.2 KMS
Meiluo Shopping Mall
China, Jiangsu, Suzhou, Huqiu, Changjiang Rd, 211
Distance From City Center
Souvenir Suggestions
  • Silk clothing
  • Su embroidery
  • Jade carvings
  • Biluochun tea, a tea that guarantees a calming effect.
  • Suzhou fan, intricate and beautifully hand-painted.
  • Tao Hua Wu woodcut New Year pictures
  • Song brocade, a beautiful cloth, perfect for kimonos and other attire
  • Suzhou writing brush for the writers, a perfect tool to get that beautiful Chinese calligraphic effect
  • Sweet dried fruit like plums, taste the variety of different fruits and take back your favorite
  • Sandalwood fans, whose use dates back to the Ming dynasty

Tourist attractions in Suzhou


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