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Medina's souk district in Sousse is the best place for shoppers. Cute and colourful Rue el Aghalba runs past to the Medina's west side. Off this street is the souk quarter. Partially covered, this quarter has the bustling atmosphere of the Orient with metal workers and woodworkers down narrow side alleyways. Hundred of shops and stalls in this souk sell Tunisian wares, such as carpets, blankets, cloth, copperware, pottery, and jewelry. Some of the leather and tiles sold in this souk are the best in the world. Tourist souvenirs are the best attractions in souk streets. It's the perfect place for shopping for some special treasure to take home.

Must See

  • The covered bazaars in Medina of Sousse are called souks. These walled city bazaars have been there since Roman times.
  • A variety of passages may confuse you. But, go only into the places where you want to go.
  • Fresh vegetables are available in the market and the fish market sells everything from dorada to swordfish.
  • Unlabelled spices are abundant here and you need to know which ones you are buying beforehand.
  • You get everything in souks from brass, sheepskin rugs, wool blankets, sportswear, to expensive pure gold and silver.
  • Leather and tiles sold here are considered the best in the world.
  • Many shops here are 'prix fixe' and don't indulge in haggling.
  • Perfect place to shop some special souvenir gifts.

How to reach

Take the light rail as it connects central Sousse by the Medina (4 Station Sousse Bab Jdid) to Mahdia via Monastir. It stops along the way in various neighbourhoods in southern Sousse and the Monastir MIR IATA airport. There are buses, both public and private from the city every 30 minutes. It's a walled bazaar, so better walk from the bus station.


  • A variety of passages may confuse you. So find your way around the souk carefully.
  • Shopkeepers often quote higher prices. Some bargaining is normal.
  • Beware of counterfeit designer goods as these are sold in large quantity in the souks
  • Don't waste your and your shopkeeper's time if you don't intend to buy. Make it clear from the beginning.
  • Close the deal once settled. Don't haggle further.

Visit Time

     Day                             Opening Hours                              Closing Hours

Sunday                                      9am                                    7pm
Monday                                     9am                                    7pm                                                            

Tuesday                                    9am                                   7pm

Wednesday                              9am                                   7pm                               

Thursday                                  9am                                  7pm                             

Friday                                      9am                                 7pm

Saturday                                 9am                                7pm      


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Less than 5 minutes to buy the ticket


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Visitors normally spend 1.5 to 2 hours


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